‘New Amsterdam’ 2×1 Review: Your Turn

Alright, DamFam, things ended with a bang (literally) last season and we’ve been waiting all summer to find out who didn’t survive the crash. We have the answer now and even though it’s the one we were most ok with, it was still devastating. We have much to discuss with the death, where our favorite characters are, and a new face joining New Amsterdam

Without further adieu…

Who Died? Lauren, Helen, or Georgia?

The writing team did a great job playing with us in the reveal so they deserve major kudos! All interviews before the season two premiere stated that we wouldn’t know until the very end of the episode. So, when things opened with Max and Georgia being woken up by baby Luna, we quickly checked her off the list. We can’t say we weren’t a little upset because if Georgia was alive then either Helen or Lauren weren’t. New Amsterdam jumped forward three months and gave us some glimpses from the crash along the way. 


After some more little tricks (one we’ll go into deeper in a moment), we saw Helen and, eventually, Lauren. Helen and Max seemed to have some tension we’re not used to so we’re curious to know the cause behind it. We know better than to breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of all three women because someone wasn’t going to be moving on to next week’s episode. Lauren and Helen interacted with the entire ED but Georgia was only on-screen with Max. He had imagined his life with her and Luna but in the last moments, it was revealed that Georgia died on the operating room table. 

As you know, we’ve been shipping a future Sharpwin since the series premiere but we didn’t want Max to be a cheater, by any means. Unfortunately, for our wishes to come true, Georgia had to die and it seems like they foreshadowed her death in the pilot episode. New Amsterdam did an amazing job handling this emotional storyline (as they always do) and we shed tears along with Max when he discovered Georgia’s fate. It was much harder to handle than we had anticipated but maybe Georgia had started to grow on us. 

The Rest of the DamFam

Once we were over the mystery from the cliffhanger and had time to handle the death, we “Your Turn” a second time to catch up on the rest of the characters. Last time we saw Dr. Reynolds, he was proposing to his girlfriend Evie and now she’s his fiance. It’s crazy that we didn’t ship Reynolds and Lauren until he was in a different relationship but we do love Evie. Evie and Reynolds are currently in a long-distance engagement and seem to be doing well. 

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Both Kapoor and Iggy seemed to be themselves each treating patients and being amazing. Iggy could have some trouble at home in the future, though, because he wants to adopt another baby. His husband’s facial reaction did not look like one of joy and agreement so we’ll have to see where this story goes. Kapoor gave us a scare when he bet his medical career on a diagnosis for a woman who had been to numerous doctors without results. But he’s Kapoor and his methods work and he figured the mystery out. 

Max is literally the best dad ever which should surprise none of us. Did your hearts melt as much as ours while he was singing to Luna? We’re going to assume you said yes. We only saw a tiny piece of Max’s grief in “Your Turn” because the death was left until the end but we assume we’ll see more of what’s going on inside of him as we go forward. In some good news, Max’s cancer is almost cured! He almost has everything he wanted but we all know how life can be. 

The New Face

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In an attempt to make us believe Helen might be the one who died, New Amsterdam put another oncologist in her office taking care of Max’s cancer. Enter Dr. Valentina Castro (Ana Villafane) who seemed very nice in her first scene. She uses DNA to target cancer and it seems to be successful. Dr. Castro handled Helen’s patients while she was away but when Helen got back, we learned the truth about these two. 

Helen fired Dr. Castro and, apparently, tarnished her career. Helen feels bad and offers to bring Valentina back but Valentina has other plans. This new doctor, for real, used Max’s treatment as a bargaining chip to become Helen’s co-chair of the oncology department! We are pretty sure Dr. Castro is not good news for New Amsterdam but time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the season 2 premiere? Don’t miss the next episode because we’re going to get a deeper look at what went on during those three months (at least we hope so). 

New Amsterdam is on NBC, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

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