‘New Amsterdam’ 1×22 Review: “Luna”

Holy cliffhanger, Batman! New Amsterdam pulled out all the stops for the season finale, ‘Luna’, and lives are literally hanging in the balance. Lives that frankly, if they’re lost, will lose me along with other viewers of the show. The preview set up a life or death situation for Georgia and the baby leading many of us to think they were killing Georgia to make room for Sharpwin but that’s not how things went down.

Georga did die briefly but Helen showed up just in time to get her pulse back (yay). Luckily Bloom, who was going to quit, was at Max’s to help before anyone else could arrive. These scenes were so emotional. Ryan Eggold deserves an Emmy for his work throughout this season but he really brought it home in the finale. I loved seeing him hold his baby girl, Luna, for the first time even though he’s really sick and his wife was bleeding out, it still felt like a beautiful, peaceful moment.

The show broke Iggy with the investigation last week and made it impossible for him to treat his patient in the finale. In the end, he did it but it was so hard to watch him struggle when he’s been a rock this entire season. I’m not sure where they’re going to take his story next season but I hope they can find a balance between taking things too far with patients to remaining so stiff, they don’t get any help. Kapoor was there to help him and their teamups have been exceptional all year long. Kapoor’s story was kind of left in limbo since we haven’t seen him really react with Ella or his son recently but there’s more to come for these doctors, hopefully.

Reynolds brought Evie (his not Bloom girlfriend) home for Sunday dinner to meet the family and his Mom loved her but not as his future wife. We learned that he wants his family to look like he always has but Evie works twelve-hour days an doesn’t go to Church so how can he achieve his dreams. I’m ok with them not ending up together because I like him with Bloom (which is funny because I hated the idea in the beginning) but they fit. Reynolds did propose to Evie in the final moments of the finale but things may not be bright in their future.

Now to the real moment that left all of us with our jaws on the floor. A patient from New Amsterdam, where little time was spent this week, stole an ambulance because he didn’t want to get caught with a balloon of drugs in his stomach and crashed into the one carrying Max, Helen, Bloom, Georgia, and the newborn baby Luna. OMG does not cover my emotions during this sequence! In the end, we see Max holding the baby so they’re ok. Bloom is getting worked on because she looks awful. Georgia gets pulled off in the stretcher but a sheet gets draped over someone who didn’t make it. Is it someone we saw or is it Helen, who we didn’t witness at all after the crash? If they kill Helen, I am done with this show. That’s a promise. But I don’t think it’s her. The showrunners said a key character will die and I still think it’s Georgia. The sheet, in my opinion, went over the other paramedic and we won’t see the big death until everyone is back at the hospital next season.

Who do you think is the victim of the ambulance crash? Don’t miss New Amsterdam when it returns to NBC this Fall for season two!

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