5 Reasons Why You Should be Watching ‘Into the Dark’

I cheated…on Netflix… with Hulu. Now, I love my Netflix very much, but I just had to check out Hulu’s latest original, Into the Dark.

Into the Dark, which premiered October 5, 2018 is a horror anthology series consisting of 12 feature length episodes. Now, I know there are many horror anthologies out there however, this one is different.

Here are the 5 reasons you should be watching this show:

It’s extremely creative

Unlike other horror anthologies, Into the Dark releases one episode a month. The reason for this is because each episode they release centers around a holiday that takes place in that month. For example, The Body which released in October, centers around Halloween. The episodes don’t all necessarily have to do with the holiday itself but the inspiration behind them draws from a holiday that is occurring. Next month’s episode “They come knocking,” for example, will center around Father’s Day.


Blumhouse Productions

Into the Dark is produced by the Television side of Blumhouse. This alone was one of the reasons I was excited to watch this series. Blumhouse has brought us some iconic scary movies such as Paranormal Activity and my absolute favorite Get out. Because of this, I knew that Into the Dark would have just the right amount of creepiness, along with some unexpected lessons.


The cast

Having a good cast is always important, and I have to say so far, I have been pleased. One of my favorite actresses, Aurora Perrineau has appeared in two episodes; “The body,” and the most recent “All that we destroy. There are also several more well-known favorites that have appeared in episodes such as Dermot Mulroney and Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz. Clayne Crawford, Josephine Langford, and Robyn Lively, will appear in next months episode, titled “They come knocking.”



 It’s creepy as hell

If you are into all things horror and love being scared, this is the show for you. Each episode has its own level of jump scares. Some moments are cover your eyes but keep one open because you can’t look away scary. Other moments leave you saying what the actual F**k just happened.


Makes you look at Holidays differently

Let’s face it, the holidays can be a fun time but also an extremely stressful one. With Into the Dark, it seems the creators have capitalized on that. But you know what? It works. I think it’s safe to say watching this show will have you look at the holiday season in a different way. For example, the April fool’s day episode “I’m just fucking with you will make you think twice when those jokes are being played, and ehe new year’s themed episode, “New year, New you will have you truly rethinking that phrase.

Happy Holidays everyone!

My Favorite Into the Dark episodes:

1. “All that we destroy” – This episode will have you saying What the fuck?  as soon as it’s over, or maybe over and over as you watch.
2. “Flesh & Bone” – Because Dermot Mulroney is a creepy dad and super it’s entertaining to watch.
3. “The body” – This houor will have you questioning how people can be so oblivious.

Check out the trailer for their latest, “All that we destroybelow.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

Into the dark is currently streaming on Hulu

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