8 Things We Want To See When ‘New Amsterdam’ Returns

New Amsterdam left many of our character’s careers, relationships, and possibly lives in the balance at the end of the mid-season finale. Helen has lost her department. Iggy may be losing his husband. Max is in remission but we’re still worried about him. And, there is literally a prison break about to happen. 

So, while we wait for the show’s return, we want to share our wishlist for the rest of the season.

Sharpwin Moments


Everyone is probably sick of our undying love for the Sharpwin ship because we’ve been talking about since season one.  But we NEED it. There are no longer any obstacles in the way of Max and Helen’s potential love story. And, we’re convinced that if New Amsterdam writers wait too long..the eventual romance could ruin the show. We’ll never stop hoping for this ship to set sail! Helen and Max have THE MOST chemistry that it’s basically undeniable. 

Redemption for Dean Fulton


We are, also, aware that you might be tired of us and our love for Ron Rifkin’s role in New Amsterdam as ex-dean Peter Fulton. But, he can’t be brought back just to be a bad guy. Are we right?!?! Fulton was fired for no reason (even after the board got a dose of the full Max). We finally got him back for an episode just to find out he’s not the hero we admired. Give Ron Rifkin’s character redemption because, honestly, we love Peter Fulton.

Brantley Getting Fired


Karen Brantley (Debra Monk) has been a thorn in our side since she first appeared on the show to get rid of Dean Fulton and she’s only gotten worse. Brantley is the reason Helen no longer runs her department. She’s basically the reason for anything wrong within the world of New Amsterdam…so, can we please get rid of her and bring Fulton back? Thanks!

Helen Getting her Department Back


Helen tried to help her patient and even though her idea might have been illegal, it was the right thing to do. That’s what New Amsterdam is all about! Doing what is right for the patients. They can not let Dr. Castro take over the oncology department with her twisted beliefs and practices, it’s just not an ok idea. So…writers, if you’re listening, please give Helen her department back. She cares and that’s the type of doctor people need fighting by their side.

Iggy’s Husband Coming Around


We know Iggy may have gotten a little cavalier about adding another baby to their clan (specifically without his husband’s permission). But, his intentions are pure and he just wants to help all the children he can because he has the resources to make it possible. Martin and Iggy are definitely endgame so let’s resolve this drama for them quickly.

Romance for Bloom and Ligon (or Reynolds)


When this show started, we did not ship Bloom and Reynolds, like even a little bit. Now, he’s engaged (even though that may not last very long) and Bloom is possibly starting a romance with her physical therapist. Bloom has been through a lot already on this show with her Adderall addiction, rehab, accident, and leg injury. She deserves a win. We don’t care if it’s with Ligon (JJ Feild) or Reynolds. Ok, we’d prefer Reynolds because he’s a true gem. 

Smooth Waters for Ella’s Pregnancy


Ella (Diedre Friel) started as a background character only to grow into being an integral part of the show. We would be lying if we said we didn’t ship her and Kapoor in the early stages of the show. Their relationship has grown since Ella had a fling with Kapoor’s son because she’s carrying his grandchild. We weren’t sure what Ella would do about the surprise pregnancy but she’s keeping it. Kapoor is so happy that we don’t want anything getting in the way of his joy.

Max Being Cancer Free For Real


Maybe it’s the whole seeing Georgia’s ghost or maybe it’s our distrust of Dr. Castro but we are not one hundred percent convinced Max’s cancer is really gone. But, it really needs to be. Luna needs her daddy and we need Max. He is the heart of the show and a wakeup call to the healthcare world. So, here’s to hoping the cancer is truly gone and Sharpwin can take over!

Don’t miss the next episode “Code Silver” on January 14th on NBC at 10/9c! And, if you’re really craving more New Amsterdam, you can catch the six short videos of Max’s first day at the hospital! 

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