New Amsterdam 4×18 Preview: “No Ifs, Ands, or Buts” 

New Amsterdam 4×18 “No Ifs, Ands, or Buts” looks like a heavy episode, and personally, we’re ready to collect on that JOY we were promised.

New Amsterdam 4×16 Review: “All Night Long”

New Amsterdam 4×16 Review: “All Night Long” ends with a bang, but before that, it delivers a lot of satisfying moments.

New Amsterdam 4×16 Preview: “All Night Long”

New Amsterdam 4×16 “All Night Long” is a wild, wild ride. To get you prepared, here are the pictures and the promo for the hour.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×16 Advance Review: “All Night Long”

New Amsterdam 4×16 “All Night Long” excels at the one thing New Amsterdam always excels at — human stories.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×11 Advance Review: “Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution”

New Amsterdam 4×11 “Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution” is the type of episode of television we’ve come to expect from this medical drama. In just a few words, it’s very, very good. More importantly, though, it finally answers—or at least begins…

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×10 Pictures: “Death is the rule. Life is the exception”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 4×10 are here, and there’s a lot of smiling and a lot of kissing, which has us very, very worried.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×07 Review: “Harmony”

New Amsterdam has always, from its very first episode, been about showing us the way healthcare should work but rarely does. Despite grumblings to the contrary, the series’ fourth season, with its added bonus of Sharpwin working through what it…

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×07 Photos: “Harmony”

We’re looking at these pics for tonights #NewAmsterdam and we’re just wondering who we gotta talk to about Floyd’s storyline.

Tyler Labine And The Disrespecting Of A Fandom, Not Just A Ship

You know how as a kid your Mom would tell you to not say anything if you didn’t have something nice to say? Someone missed that lesson.

8 Things We Want To See When ‘New Amsterdam’ Returns

New Amsterdam left many of our character’s careers, relationships, and possibly lives in the balance at the end of the mid-season finale. Helen has lost her department. Iggy may be losing his husband. Max is in remission but we’re still…

What Makes ‘New Amsterdam’s’ DamFam So Great

Every aspect of New Amsterdam is only getting better and better, particularly the DamFam in season two of the NBC medical drama. Social media has affectionately dubbed the cast, crew, and fanbase of the show the “DamFam” as a sign…