5 Things We Want To See In Season 10 Of ‘Blue Bloods’

I admit that I started watching Blue Bloods because of Donnie Wahlberg. Look, I love New Kids on the Block and I support most of the shit that they do. The other reason I watch? Will Estes was my first celebrity crush, and he’s still absolutely gorgeous.

I normally am not one for procedurals, but the reality is that I can find it in my heart for anyone I have or had a crush on. And sure, I am glad that I gave Blue Bloods a chance, because I love the show. But after the season 9 finale, and Eddie and Jamie’s wedding, I was pissed.

That show ended the season on a disappointing note.

But the truth is that it doesn’t matter, because I am so invested, that I am not giving up now. But when I think about the next season, I am going to need somethings to make me want to watch it live and not DVR it.


Blue Bloods is about the Reagan family, but I feel like 9/10 is focused on Danny and Frank. I want to see Jamie and Eddie, because I think that the challenges that they will face as married police officers are going to be very interesting. The two have been partners, worked in the same precinct, and now everything is about to change. I think that the challenges that they will face will be interesting, at home or at work.

One thing that Blue Bloods has always excelled at is showing the meaning of family, but as these two start to form their own family, I think that it is necessary to concentrate on theirs. Even close knit families start to branch off, but they find a way to continue to find strength in each other. This will be an interesting dynamic.


As much as I love Blue Bloods, one of the most annoying characters on the show is Nicky. It’s nothing against the actress, Sami Gayle is talented. But the way Nicky is written as an indecisive spoiled girl, filled with privilege, and trying to act like she has none, well, it’s annoying, to say the least. Look Nicky, your life has been handed to you, but at some point you need to grow the fuck up, stand your ground, and stop acting like a self entitled whiny brat.

I need her to make some decisions about what she’s going to do with her life. Not based off the shit her Mom wants her to do, but based off the shit she wants to do. Like grow a back bone and decide how YOU WANT TO LIVE. Decide what YOU WANT TO DO.

Make a fucking choice or get off my screen.


Erin Reagan is always fighting an uphill battle, I get that. She’s strong, I get that. But she comes across as 1/3 victim, 1/3 always trying to prove herself to her family, and 1/3 strong and confident. I want Erin to not feel like she is having to out smart her brothers and Dad all the time. I want her to separate the family dynamic from the things that she believes in. She has spent her life dedicated to the law, but in her quest to prove that being a lawyer was the right choice, she’s lived a life that has made her the most uptight person I have ever seen.

Loosen up. Live a little.

FIND SOMETHING TO DO OTHER THAN TRY TO PROVE YOURSELF. I want to like you Erin Reagan, but I currently use your screen time as bathroom breaks.


Look, I love Danny. He’s gone through some shit. And to be honest, I admire all NYPD for their dedication to the job.

I know that Danny loved Linda, and I was sad when she died. She deserved more. But the reality is – she’s gone. She would want Danny to move on with his life. She would want him to find happiness. She would want him to have someone to go home to. She would want him to love.

And he needs to.

Danny is his job, he’s always been his job. But when Linda was alive, he found more solace and comfort in life and I want him to have that again.


I love the fact that the family has dinners every week. That’s important. BUT – I want them to be a chance for us to find out more about the family. I want to know what’s going on beyond the job.

Make the family more dimensional.

We all deserve that.

The 10th Season of Blue Bloods premieres September 27th, on CBS.


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