Cara Buono and Mitch Pileggi Added To The Cast Of ‘Supergirl’

When I think of Supergirl, I choose to remember the good times. You know, the times of Karamel. Anything after that, I choose to act like it doesn’t exist.

Ya, I don’t watch the show live anymore, because it’s just gotten meh for me. I will admot last season, Lex Luthor pulled me back in.

He was GOOD.

This season, who knows.

The hit CW show has added two to the cast in recurring roles. Cara Buono (Stranger Things) and Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files) have joined the cast.

Buono will recur as Gamemnae, an ancient alien, who like others of her kind has been safe guarding earth throughout the ages. She’s cunning, witty, ruthless, and always 10 steps ahead.

She sounds like someone I can get on board with, except that she’s on a collision course with Supergirl, and we all know that never ends well.

Pileggi will recur as Rama Khan, an ancient alien who is able to control the four ancient elements — fire, water, earth, and air. That’s always a dangerous power – cause like really, how are you supposed to fight that shit? Khan has been entrusted to use his powers to protect the people of earth, but hey – he’s on a collision course with Supergirl too, and his agenda is going to put him at odds with her and Lena.

We’re interested to see them both when Supergirl returns October 6th on The CW. I won’t be watching, but I am sure Alyssa will tell me how it is.

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