‘The 100’ Wondercon Interviews: Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, And More Talk Season 6

We did it. It’s finally April, which means we are in the home stretch on waiting for the new season of The 100.

It seems like forever ago that the fifth season of the post-apocalyptic show aired its finale, leaving us with many unanswered and new questions. So when Fangirlish was given the chance to speak with some of the series stars as well as the creator, we couldn’t resist getting some tease as to where the new season will take us.

Talking with Eliza Taylor, she notes that Clarke is seeking a “fresh start.” Seeing as Clarke burned a lot of bridges last season, it appears that it’ll take some time to win over the ones who used to trust her so deeply.

“It’s a pretty lonely pursuit for Clarke in the first few episodes,” says Taylor. “She’s trying to make the rounds to everyone to make peace. She just hopes they understand why she did what she did. Some will take it better than others.”

Clarke isn’t the only one making an apology tour in season six. Octavia became the ruthless Blodreina last season, making a lot of enemies – including her own brother.

Marie Avgeropoulos explained, “Octavia put Bellamy in the fighting pit when she was Blodreina and Bellamy poisoned Blodreina. It’s the ultimate sensation of brother/sister rivalry. How do you come back from that?”

The big consensus amongst everyone is that season six is going to be a whole new world. According to series creator Jason Rothenberg, he knew that he would have to shake things up and be different than Book One of The 100 (seasons one to five).

Sachin Sahel, who has played Jackson since season one, adds to this by saying “This show does a good job of kind of reinventing a new story-line every year. This is not a new story-line. It’s a new show and you’re going to feel that.”

Speaking of it being a new show, The 100 has added a few fresh faces to the mix of things.

Fans were introduced to Monty and Harper’s son Jordan at the end of the last season. We only got to see him for a few minutes in the finale, but worry not. Jordan is going to have a much bigger role in the upcoming season along with newcomer, JR Bourne, who will be playing the leader of the civilization Clarke and company come across on the new planet.

Check out our interviews with the cast and crew of The 100 including Eliza Taylor, Jason Rothenberg, Marie Avgeropoulos, JR Bourne, Sachin Sahel, Richard Harmon, Shannon Kook, and Tasya Teles below:

The 100 season six premieres on The CW on Tuesday, April 30.

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