‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 1×10 Roundtable: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Roswell, New Mexico continues that be that show that gives us everything other shows on TV are not giving us, and does it without sacrificing storytelling or characterization, and we gotta say, we’re more and more in love with every week that passes.

So, the CW, where’s that season 2 renewal? It’s about time.

With no new episode this week, we’re discussing last week’s episode, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” before the last three episodes of the season obliterate our hearts and our expectations even more. Joining me on this roundtable are Erin, Lyra, Jasmine and Gillian.

Here we go!


All secrets are out in the open. Everyone knows that Max, Isobel and Michael are aliens. Well, everyone but Maria, it seems. Where do we go from here, and is Maria going to be in on the secret before the season ends?

Lizzie: I feel like the reason Maria doesn’t know is that she isn’t romantically involved with any of the aliens, not because she’s a pariah and they don’t trust her. OBVIOUSLY the people who’ve going to know first are the people this directly affects, and Maria isn’t one of them. I do think she’ll come to know in the final three episodes, because she’s close enough that this is going to touch her at some point.

As for where do we go, I’ll just say that, no matter what the answer is, I’m glad we’re doing it without secrets. That makes this show way more interesting.

Erin: I have no idea how she doesn’t know already. Like EVERYONE in her circle knows. If I was her, I would be PISSED. I feel like they are also doing themselves a disservice by not telling her. I feel like people underestimate Maria.

Lyra: Seriously, how the fuck DOESN’T Maria know about their little alien secret. Everyone knows. Even Cameron knows! But not Maria? Oh hell no, girl. They might be doing it to “protect” her but they are taking her choice away. She needs to be informed so she knows that having the sex with Michael means she banged it out with an alien. She needs to be informed because there is CLEARLY a connection between her mother’s ailment and the alien stuff going down in Roswell. Also, I think Maria needs to know because how is she going to properly support or her strengthen her relationship with Liz IF SHE’S IN THE DARK!

From here on out, I expect the rest of the people in the know of aliens and the actual aliens to be a better working machine. There’s a scary serial killer out there and lives are at stake. Also, this person has been killing people for a whillllllle. Imagine how this alien/person would react if they knew their secret was on the brink of being exposed? SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET WILD! Mark my words!

Jasmine: I couldn’t agree more with you on this Lyra. Seriously how is Maria the only one who doesn’t know the truth about Isobel, Max, and Michael? Seems everyone else has been figuring it out or being told immediately. I think Maria will be hurt if Michael doesn’t tell her because she looks to him as a friend and confidant. She’s shared all of her problems with him and trusts him. I truly believe if it doesn’t come from him she will feel betrayed. I hope now that basically everyone knows the truth about Max, Michael, and Isobel they can all work together to solve the mystery of the serial killer.

Gillian: I personally love that they’re not keeping this a secret. I think having these core characters all know the truth is awesome because it lends to better storylines than constantly hiding what the trio is doing. I do hope Maria gets looped in by the end of the season as she’s becoming more ingrained in everything else. Before the Texas episode, I would have been fine with her still being on the outside but now I want her to know along with everyone else.


Liz and Max are giving a relationship a go, despite the many issues they face. Do you think they’re strong? Do they have a good foundation? Tell me your Echo feels.

Lizzie: Hey, at least this shit wasn’t built on lies, so that’s a plus. And I like that, in the end, their foundation is truly the friendship they built all those years ago, and the feelings they always had. So I can’t even say it feels fast, they’re just picking up where they left off 10 years ago. But does that mean I think no obstacles are coming their way? Hell, no. This is TV and even though it feels like we’ve gotten a lot of angst, we really haven’t. They weren’t even mad at each other for that long. No, something worse is coming, and THEN we’ll see if they can weather the storm.

Erin: I really love Echo, but I also don’t get Liz. Like, there is no way that I would be that forgiving. I feel like their relationship has a fucked up foundation. They are building a foundation off the lies, betrayal, and the heat of the moment. I feel like something is going to happen that breaks them and then they find their way back to each other. Either way – I don’t think what they have built now is enough to sustain them.

Lyra: I think Echo has a strong foundation. They have the people they were back in high school and the people they are today. The transition from past to present means that they aren’t discounting what has happened to lead them to this position. Liz and Max are basically adulting the hell out of this and not rushing into a life together. Little by little they’ll figure it out and when they hit bumps, because they will, they’ll make it through it because they value each other and the journey they’re on.

Gillian: I am an Echo fan but no, I don’t think they have a good foundation. We know that they both had an attraction for each other in high school and the attraction has grown since Liz returned but something still feels off for me. No longer having the secret about Rosa’s death is a good thing but it feels a little fast. I don’t know. I want them to succeed but they have lots to discuss still.

Jasmine: As much as I love my ECHO, I have to say I’m worried. I’m happy they are finally together but, I feel this uncertainty that something more is still coming to break them apart. I just can’t really relax and enjoy the moment. I’m seriously overthinking everything but, I hope I’m wrong and their relationship does stay strong.


Michael was totally honest with Alex, but Alex is still holding onto something. How do you see this developing and what do you think the future holds in store for Malex?

Lizzie: Alex, my man, time to put your money where your mouth is. Because Michael has come clean, and if you truly love him the way I think you do, you need to be totally honest with him and allow him to choose you, with all the information on the table. If not, you’ll always wonder.

Erin: I think we have a road to get to where these two need to be, but I have a feeling the payoff will be worth the pain, angst and wait.

Lyra: I think Malex needs to be honest with each other. No holding back, all in, and see where it takes them. I see Michael being all in. It was evidenced by him showing Alex his secret lair. But Alex, he’s holding back. Love is scary. I get that. But to move forward and get to know Michael the way that you want to do Alex…it needs you being open and all in.

Jasmine: I think it was good for Michael to be honest with Alex and now it’s Alex’s turn. Micah showed Alex what he’s working on and Alex has one of the missing pieces. I know Alex is hiding it because he doesn’t want Michael to leave. I think that decision needs to be made by Michael. Once Alex gives him that missing piece, who knows he may not even want to leave once Alex really let’s him know he wants a life with him.


Isobel came clean with Noah, and despite initial misgivings, he reacted surprisingly well. Are you shocked? Do you think he’s being honest? Do you ship them?

Lizzie: If Noah turns out to be evil or involved with Project Shepherd or something worse I’m going to be devastated. DEVASTATED. Because I truly like Noah, and I like the way he is with Isobel, and even how he tries to fit in with the family, and I like the actor, and I ship it and OMG please don’t make him evil. Prove Erin wrong, please.

Erin: We all know I don’t trust Kyle, but I trust Noah even less. BUT, I am thinking he may be a bigger part of something we don’t get yet. Hell, he may even be the 4th alien. However, I don’t know… but I am gonna figure it out.

Lyra: So far, Noah seems like a puppy that barfs out rainbows and unicorns when it comes to his wife. He’s there for her, will fight for her, and has given her the chance to explain herself. Noah acted surprisingly well to the alien secret because WHO she is is more important than WHAT she is or WHERE she came from. So, yes. I ship Isobel and Noah. Ship them HARD!

Gillian: Noah’s kind of a wildcard for me. I keep thinking back to the previous episode with how manic he was until he found the egg. He got eerily calm when contacting the police telling them everything is okay. I’m inclined to believe someone messed with his head and that’s why he seems okay with everything. I think my problem with him is that we haven’t really gotten a good enough read on him. We only see him in relation to Isobel and you can see how much Isobel adores him but they never really went into the why. Until they do a better job of introducing him as his own person, I’m holding off on my shipping opinion.

Jasmine: I’m with you Gillian, Noah was waaaaay too calm about finding Isobel in the pod. I mean the dude pulled a gun on his wife! I’m still skeptical. Prove me wrong Noah, prove me wrong!


There is a fourth alien, and whoever he/she is, they controlled Isobel into killing Rosa. Are you shocked at this revelation? What was it about Rosa Ortecho? Speculate.

Lizzie: I couldn’t be less shocked if I’d written this. No, this is exactly what I expected and I’m so glad we got to the meat of this storyline so maybe NOW I can be surprised about the reveal of WHO it is.

Lyra: I don’t know why, but I think Maria’s mom is involved in all of this. The bread crumbs that have kept us in the know of her deteriorating state make me feel like her role is bigger in all of this. Like little neon signs that say, “Don’t forget this, for some reason or the other!” Also, she’s not the person who I most suspect or the one that I least suspect. I medium suspect her. And if Dwight Schrute has taught me anything in this life, it’s that medium is the sweet spot! As for why she went after Rosa Ortecho, maybe its because she was close to Kyle’s mom and they thought that Rosa was involved with Kyle’s mom husband and then everything went to shit when Maria’s mom kind of liked Rosa. Yes, twisted. Yes, a hot mess. But we’re talking aliens here and one that has possibly been controlling people’s minds to BE who they’ve always wanted to. Anything goes!

Gillian: No, because that was actually my theory! I normally never get these type of things right so I’m excited to see what happens next. I still don’t understand why Rosa was the target unless it had something to do with her drug use and potentially seeing something she wasn’t supposed to. It seems too easy but I don’t know what else it could be. Or the fourth alien is in love with Isobel and got jealous that Rosa was in the way? And that’s what is also going with Noah? This show, I swear.

Jasmine: Even though I knew Isobel was being controlled by someone when she killed Rosa, it was still a jaw dropping moment to watch. That’s gotta be so awful for Isobel to realize although she was being controlled at the time of Rosa’s death, she still died by her hand. I still have no theories on where Rosa fit in all of this but I can’t wait to find out.


With three episodes left till the end of the season, how do you think this ends?

Lizzie: Hahahaha, I have no idea. Probably badly, right? I got a feeling there’s some torture in our future. But I’m pretty sure we’ll meet the fourth alien before all is said and done, and it has to be someone we already know, right?

Erin: Got me, but I am here for the ride.

Lyra: I think it’s going to end with everyone thinking that they are A-OK. Everything’s solved. They’re free to be with the people they want to be with. And this trusted circle of people in the know will have each other’s backs. They think that. PLOT TWIST happens where everything that our favs have done to this point is the reason why their next adversary has found them. Also, I think someone is going to find out about the alien secret by accident and be peeved, like any of us would, to be kept in the dark by the people we love. Bring on the angst!

Gillian: They have done such a great job of answering questions so far that I definitely think we’ll meet the fourth alien and whatever craziness that brings. I really wish we had a better read on whether the CW will renew the show because I do not want a cliffhanger ending to go unresolved.

Jasmine: I think the fourth Alien will be revealed in the last episode. I also think when we see who it is, we will be shocked.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.


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