We’ve given up. We’re never going to go an episode of Roswell, New Mexico without ending up a puddle of feels, and frankly, we don’t want to. We’re here for all of it, for the love and the hate and even the pain. For the ups and downs. And we’reRead More →


Representation is a funny, beautiful thing, and it is, above all things, a complex thing. Representation doesn’t just mean characters that look like you going through situations that you are familiar with, it can also, in a way that TV hasn’t really understood until recently, mean people who speak yourRead More →

As always, Roswell, New Mexico made us feel all the things in its fifth episode of the season, titled “Don’t Speak.” Will there ever be a time when this show doesn’t throw a twist or five our way? Honestly, we kinda hope the answer is no. We like when theyRead More →