‘Roswell, New Mexico’: 2 Moments We’re Still Talking About From “Creep”

We’ve given up. We’re never going to go an episode of Roswell, New Mexico without ending up a puddle of feels, and frankly, we don’t want to. We’re here for all of it, for the love and the hate and even the pain. For the ups and downs. And we’re here for what promises to be an explosive finale, especially with this setup.

And hey, the CW, we’re also here for a Season 2. We love this show too much. Don’t disappoint us.

But back to “Creep,” the penultimate episode in Season One of this hit-you-in-all-the feels drama, as we discuss the ways our hearts broke and then were remade in this hour, and we’re especially going to focus on two things, two pivotal moments, two people, and for once, this doesn’t have to do with ships (and boy, do we love our ships), or with anything other than these two characters we fell in love with, as we look ahead to the finale and what this show could (should, needs to) give us in season 2.


And yes, she’s strong because she’s not okay. In fact, she’s especially strong because she’s allowed to feel and to rage, and yes, to be confused and to somehow in some way still love the man she thought Noah was. And she’s also strong because, in this episode, she confront his abuser and puts a stop to the cycle, a stop to the hold he has on her.

That, however, isn’t a one moment thing, you don’t just flip a switch and bam, you’re fine. Her entire life has been upended and no one’s expecting her to be okay right away. In fact, I don’t expect her – or want her – to be okay tomorrow, or the day after. She should be allowed to go through the cycle of feelings, and I just hope she gets to have her family, and friends by her side.


I’m not sure I’m ever going to be okay, after watching this moment. I’m also not sure there’s anything else to talk about, anything else that matters. Because Michael was robbed of everything, not just by the crash, but by life, by the Evans, and he’s such a good person who deserves to much more love than life has seen fit to put in his path. He loves, and he loves and he gives, and it’s just …unfair that he’s never felt like he belongs somewhere, that he doesn’t get that feeling of security, of belonging.

He gets it for a minute here, as he meets his biological mother, as he sees a glimpse of what could have been, and then loses her again, in the most heartbreaking way. And yet, the thing about Michael is that, knowing he was loved might be the spark he needs to let himself be loved again, to open up – not just to Alex, but to Max and Isobel. To his family. Or at least, I hope so, because if it’s not the spark for that, then it might just end up being the spark for something not as nice, and with just one episode to go and no renewal news, I don’t even want to go there.

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Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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