‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 1×10: “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”

The biggest lesson that Roswell, New Mexico has taught me is that I don’t know everything. I can think that I know something, and then I realize that I know nothing at all. I speculate on something and then the lessons that my Mom taught me: don’t assume or you’ll make an ass out of you and me. Yes, this show gets me every week, and there is nothing that I can do about it.

Not that I would want to.

Roswell, New Mexico made me angry this week, and at the same time made me sad. The show has a 13 episode run and I tell you – they are making the most of every moment. It’s been a show that has given me faith in rebooted properties, and shown that sometimes people get shit right.

Last nights episode, ‘I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing’, felt like somewhat of a filler episode. But not in a bad way. In the way that it took a lot of truths that needed to come out, which overall gave us answers as we move into the final episodes of the season. Roswell, New Mexico has been fantastic at balancing out the moments of tension and lies, with giving us answers of truth that still lead to more questions. That’s what a good night time soap opera does, right?

Isobel is Possessed-a-bel

Lord, Isobel is not my favorite person in the world, but hey, at least she is starting to make sense to me. She’s 10 types of fucked up, but now that I know that she is possessed, I get it more. Maybe the part of her that annoys me is the fourth alien, and I mean we all have every reason to hate him.

The thing is I kinda suspect that Noah knows more than he’s letting on. Like, I think he’s been like a sleeper agent and he’s gonna come out of the woodwork and for all I know, he’s going to be part of the government and is about to bring Isobel down.

Or you know he’s an alien too.

Noah bought a gun when he saw Isobel in the egg, which FYI she prefers the term POD. Either way, I am not getting how it is that Noah’s like let’s move forward.

Isobel has been saved. Liz saved her. Which kudos for Liz.

Isobel keeps having flashbacks of her time with Rosa, and she knows it’s because of the serum that saved her life. When she asks Liz for more, she says no. But leave it to Michael, he’s stolen some. She takes it and she remembers when she killed Rosa and her friends.

She also remembers wanting Rosa. They were friends. Isobel was in love with Rosa.

But, we learn quickly that it wasn’t Isobel. She’s like got invasion of the body snatchers going on here.

And, like, I wanna know more. Liz doesn’t even think that Isobel was responsible for Rosa’s death. There is definitely something more there.

Max and Liz

Echo is endgame. I love Echo. But can I voice an unpopular opinion? Max is coming on a little strong.

There is a shooting at the hospital and I have to admit, I was a little freaked out. But I do think that it’s the 4th alien and that he possessed the shooter. They burned Liz’s office, and I think the 4th alien was trying to stop Liz.

But I digress.

Shooting. Of course Max goes in and is like on the hunt. Max seems to like to walk into danger. He doesn’t think twice about it. Max finds the shooter, and the man is sitting there covered in blood. He says he doesn’t remember shooting anyone up. He would never do that.

You looked at the man’s face and to be honest, I didn’t know if I believed him or not.

Liz of course was super worried – as anyone would be – when Max goes into the hospital. Cameron tells him and he goes and finds her.

Look, I just feel like Echo is gonna come crashing down a bit. It’s all the goodness way fast and there is going to be something that tears them apart. I’m cautious to love them so much when I know that the pain is coming. But hey, that’s what makes a good ship.

That Malex Moment

I have never wanted someone to be together more than Alex and Michael. But, I know as with all good ships – things take time. I am a fan of the slow burn, even though I hate it with a passion. I am not a patient person. Not even close.

But Michael let his walls down and decided to show Alex what he was. Who he was. And for him, that’s the hardest thing in the world. Allowing his walls to fall down and to really let Alex in. I think that for Michael that was his ultimate grand gesture.

Don’t we all love one?

For Alex though, I feel like Michael showing him that he was an alien, didn’t really matter that way. He just seemed to feel like he finally got truth and that was his opening to get more. But I don’t think that Alex means that in a cold, distant, doesn’t recognize that it was big for Michael sort of way. I think that he knows. But when you are raised the way Alex was – where love is cold and distant – I think that the struggle for him is letting those walls down and believing that he is worth all the love in the world and his love is worth all the giving.

But seeing these two talk and let each other in was one of the most beautiful moments of the series.

We can all be afraid of the love that we feel, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth feeling.

Savage Truths from Maria

Maria is one of my favorites. She’s strong, fierce, and her own fucking savior. But that’s what is so amazing about her.

Alex comes to visit her at the bar and he tells her about Michael. She would have never slept with Michael had she known this entire situation. Alex is one of her best friends.

Look, Malex is my end game, but I am really embracing the slow burn of these two. Because I personally think that they complete each other.

But, I am okay with Michael and Maria as the right now.

Michael goes in to see Maria – to give her back her necklace. She reiterates that they can never be together and she would have never done it had she known that Michael and Alex were a thing. I almost feel bad for Michael, you can see that his feeling are really hurt over this. You can see the pain in his eyes.

I still don’t think it’s the end for them though.

Favorite Line This Episode 

“I can’t believe I’ve literally been probed by an alien.” – Noah

Oh Noah, you may have just become likable.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on the CW.

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