‘American Gods’ 2×05 Review: “The Ways of the Dead” and #MadWife

American Gods “The Ways of the Dead” continued giving people of color their own platform, to talk about their issues, with no white savior or Matt Damon in sight! This episode also saw Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney reach the climax of their relationship in more way than one. A bond has formed between them and there’s no more ignoring it.

Same thing could be said for the Jinn and Salim. A strong bond remains there despite their differing beliefs and Mr. Wednesday mucking things up left and right. Seriously, this Old God makes me wish the New Ones would win if it meant that Shadow, Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, Laura Moon, Mad Sweeney, the Jinn, and Salim could live out their lives in relative peace.

Characters of Color Who Are Telling Their Own Stories, Again


“The Ways of the Dead” was once more an opportunity for people of color to tell, live, and express what it feels like living the black experience. There were moments of strength, honesty, and bravery that weren’t interrupted by the white savior that likes to pop out ALL THE DAMN TIME when a person of color is in trouble. Insert eye-roll here.

People of color can save their damn selves and don’t need anyone to tell them what is right, wrong, worthy, or the line in the sand that they want to draw. Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, Mr. Ibis, and Shadow draw their own life and use their own voices to unite and rally their people. That’s what makes these some of the best scenes that American Gods has had in their two seasons so far.

And like The Little Mermaid once said, “I want moreeeeeeee.” I want MORE black stories told by black people. I want MORE black dramas unfolding, being broken down, and understood by the black people who are living them. And I want MORE people of color behind the scenes and on camera. Obviously telling their stories are magnificent pieces of writing and storytelling. So give US MORE! We’re worth it. We’re already proving in episodes like “The Ways of the Dead” that we are.

I’m Totally Here for Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney


On this day, the 4th of April, we were blessed with the CONFIRMATION that there is something real between Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney. Something bigger than the fact that Laura is alive because of the coin inside her chest. They care for each other and their reactions in “The Ways of the Dead” proved it. And I’m not even talking about the sex here. I’m talking about everything that came before and after that.

Before the sex, they built a relationship like none they’ve EVER had before. Laura could be herself, every hot mess bit of her, with the tall leprechaun in a way she could never do with Shadow. Mad Sweeney, he found someone who matched him in wit, strength, and determination. And I know it might sound mad, but what if this is what they needed to get to this place in life? What if this was a the catalyst and they have crossed paths because they were always destined to?

Oh, and the looks. Can we talk about that before we get into the after the sex moments in “The Ways of the Dead”? They were both jealous. I’m calling it now and will be ready to give a lecture on attraction if anyone even mutters, “There’s no chemistry there. What are you talking about?” I know what I’m talking about! Are you blind? Laura was jealous she couldn’t feel, touch, or experience things with Mad Sweeney like this random new brod did. Would she ever admit that? Oh hell no. But it’s there. The same goes with Mad Sweeney. He would rather have him teeth pulled out than admitted he feels something for the Dead Wife.

Then the sex happened. The spark was already there. This was the lighter fluid that burst past their own limitations, expectations, doubts, hopes, and dreams. And they liked it. That’s why they’re so grrr to each other afterwards. Love is brilliant, fantastic, and they’d love to have it no matter how badass they play themselves to be. But love is scary A LOT and sometimes we react badly, pushing buttons of those we care about to prove to oneself that we are right, that we aren’t loveable and are reading the situation wrong.

Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney are right for each other. They are the Ying and Yang of each other’s lives and I bet that Mad Sweeney is the blood that Laura needs to come back to life. Just you wait. It might not go as planned, and things might be a mess for long while, but they are each others lobsters and I won’t accept anything less than my trashy faves ending up together!

Mr. Wednesday Needs to Step Off the Jinn and Salim

I enjoyed the discourse between Jinn and Salim. It was an entertaining and eye opening back and forth where one half STILL believes in his God while having his beliefs tested by Jinn’s, Old Gods, and the New ones. The other half being the Jinn, he doesn’t totally understand why Salim believes so fiercely, but he still wants the man by his side. They’re the couple, the ship, I never expected to love so fiercy and want to see more of.

And the only thing that was mucking things up and taking away the enjoyment out of my Jinn/Salim loving life was…Mr. Wednesday. He didn’t have be an assholes. He didn’t have to nitpick at them, make fun of Salim, and sound like the biggest bigot this side of the Mississippi. But here we are, “The Ways of the Dead” done and over with and we still have a sour taste in our mouths because of Mr. Wednesday’s words.

Honestly, I don’t have time for him or his war. That’s what I’ve decided on. Mr. Wednesday just wants power, to be in control, and doesn’t care who he has to steamroll to get there. And I don’t want that steamroll to be Jinn and Salim. I want to just see our favs driving away into the sunset and places unknown on their cute motorcycle with sidecar. Is that too much to ask for?

I don’t think so.

Favorite Moment from “The Ways of the Dead”:



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