‘American Gods’ 2×04 Review: “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

911? Yes, I’d like to report a crime. Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, and Mr. Ibis have stolen the show on American Gods and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same! *listens to operator* Of course this is serious and important police business. “The Greatest Story Ever Told” had three people of color throwing it down and having the kind of conversation I wish we’d see more, especially because there was no white savior that came about, ready to save them even though they can do it their damn selves.

Also, I’m pretty sure I ship Bilquis and Mr. Nancy to the moon and back after this episode. Didn’t see it coming, didn’t know I needed it, but now that I have Bilquis and Mr. Nancy…if anything happens to them, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself. That’s not too aggressive of a love, is it? Because if it’s good enough for Rosa on Brooklyn Nine-Nine then it’s good enough for me!

Technical Boy was also in this episode, doing stuff and things to please the creepy AF Mr. World. What he probably didn’t expect, and what I didn’t expect, was for him to be…like a person with feelings and stuff. He lost his first worshipper and was boxed up like cheap takeout. Shame.

A Meeting Between Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, and Mr. Ibis


It wasn’t until after “The Greatest Story Ever Told” was finished that I realized something was missing from this meeting between Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, and Mr. Ibis. And I use “missing” very lightly because it’s the kind of “missing” that no one really likes but happens because we’re used to giving people of color subpar everything because racism and bigotry.

The thing that was “missing,” and that I’m grateful didn’t appear like a knight in shining armor, was the white savior. Any time you have people of color coming together to talk about their issues, you get a white savior who understands their plight and uses his whiteness to give the people of color a place to stand on and talk from. (Check out movies nominated during Awards season and you’ll understand what I mean.)

Bilquis, Mr. Nancy, and Mr. Ibis didn’t need a white savior in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

These three gods made their own damn stage, stood their own ground, and had an in-depth and honest as fuck conversation about the black experience in the United States. No white savior came around interrupting them or throwing in “actually” or “for your information” into the conversation. They spoke for themselves and for their people. And it’s the kind of TV and movies I need to see more of in my life. Hell, these are the conversations we could ALL use in our lives!

Also, having just watched Jordan Peele’s Us again, I see the rise of black communities telling their own stories with writers, producers, and actors that look like them. And it might not mean much to someone who isn’t a person of color, but for those that are, this is a tidal wave coming for all of us in the industry. Change is here, people. And it ain’t just white.

Tech Boy is More Human Than He’d Like You to Think


Technical Boy, played by Bruce Langley, would like you to believe that he is above everything and anything human. He’s the future, he’s what’s new, and he’s what will remain after the Old Gods and the humans currently on this planet wither away and die. But that’s not true. Not one bit.

In “The Greatest Story Ever Told” we got to meet Technical Boys OG worshipper. This young man, whose mind and love for technology, acted as the spark that gave birth to this New God. And when said God went to go and check on his OG worshipper it was clear that this man was also the ONLY person in the world he considers a friend. It was in the way that he held himself, the way he performed, and tried to put on a show for his “friend.” He wanted to impress him.

Seeing Mr. World come in and draw the praise and attention away from Tech Boy, allowed us to see that even someone as over the top as him can actually feel. It was clear across his face and no matter how Tech Boy tries to rationalize or shake it off, he was devastated and heartbroken that his “friend” wouldn’t even look at him. Something was robbed from him with an ease he didn’t even know was possible and he ran because knew that this was the end.

It’s kind of fucked up but also brilliant writing that this is the moment we got to see the soft underbelly of Tech Boy. This New God wants worship, absolutely. But he also wants companionship and someone to share his brilliant mind with. He’s like you, like me, and like any God out there. And the fact that he’s fought too hard to keep his OG worshipper a secret means that he is fascinated and ashamed of what he feels and sees in his “friend.”

Tech Boy’s imprisonment isn’t going to fair well for Mr. World. The former thought they were on the same team. And if Tech Boy can be thrown away so easily by the latter, he’s not gonna come crawling and begging to be part of the New Gods dream team. Nope. Maybe it’s time to create his own side or check out what the Old Gods are all about.

Anything is better than sitting here and waiting to be released from imprisonment by the very God you trusted to guide you in the right direction.

Other Thoughts and Things:
  1. Did Shadow Moon really have sex with a cat? Really?
  2. Bilquis is my queen and we should all serve her!
  3. I didn’t even know I shipped Bilquis and Mr. Nancy, yet here we are! Damn. I’d follow them into battle. Hot damn, I totally would! *replays episode*
  4. Again, thinking about Mr. Ibis and his cat sister getting all sexy times with Shadow.
  5. Never gonna trust Girl Scouts again. I knew those monsters were trouble!
  6. I need to see more of Sakina in my life. Get to the ass kicking Mama-ji!
  7. Where is Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney? IMDB “said” they were going to reunite in this episode but yeah…DIDN’T HAPPEN!
  8. Mr. World has the creepiest smile. Ever. If we were fighting and he gave me a smile like that I’d be like, “Bye, see you later. Wait, no. See you never! Bye!”
  9. New Media has won me over, people. I understand who came before her but know that this is the future. And there’s no use in holding onto the past, no matter how lovely Gillian Anderson is. New Media is MY Media.
  10. Please don’t deprive us of Bilquis and Mr. Nancy. I need weekly doses, ASAP!

American Gods airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Starz.

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