‘The 100’ 7×09 Review: “The Flock”

After that mind-blowing prequel episode, it’s back to business as usual on The 100 7×09 “The Flock.” Which means dealing with a hostage situation on Sanctum and filling in the missing time on Bardo.

I was hoping that after seeing the brief reunion last week that we may finally be done with playing catch-up. Alas, I was wrong.

Half of this episode focused on the time Hope, Echo, Diyoza, and Octavia spent on Bardo becoming faithful soldiers. Obviously, finding out this information is important, but I am just so tired of all the wasted time spent this season.

I don’t need to know how many embryos they have or how they educate their children. Knowing why Clarke is important or if Bellamy is really dead would be a great thing to share.

Meanwhile, Sanctum is plagued with its own issues. Eligius prisoners and the Children of Gabriel are still holding Sanctum citizens hostage. Sheidheda is also itching to get out of his cell. What can go wrong?

It’s funny how Anders keeps talking about the last war of mankind because from what I can tell, Sheidheda will be starting his own war very soon. Seeing whats unfolding on both Bardo and Sanctum, I can’t imagine that either war won’t result in lives lost. I can almost guarantee that more than a couple of our favorite characters won’t see the end of this war.   

An Unwinnable War

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Fighting an enemy that can turn you into stone will be one hell of a battle for those who choose to fight on Bardo.

That’s Anders pitch for why Octavia, Hope, Echo, and Diyoza should fight alongside him and his disciples. While striking fear in their eyes may not have been the best approach, he does succeed in getting at least some of them to fight the good fight.

But worry not because Anders will be training them for this war personally which he apparently never does. Maybe they’re special, or maybe it’s because they can kick everyone else’s ass.

The weird thing is that despite how good they all are at fighting, it doesn’t seem to be enough for Anders. You’d think he’d be impressed and happy that he now has a room full of warriors willing to fight for him, but he isn’t. He does mention that it may have something to do with the fact that they’re more willing to fight for one another than all of mankind.

Anders must not know who exactly he has in the room because all Octavia has ever done was fight for everyone. That’s how she kept everyone alive in the bunker. That’s how she won the conclave against soldiers that have been training her whole life.

The final test proved exactly that. Though, not everyone is as selfless as Anders hopes.

In a heartbreaking chain of events, the final test showed that everyone except Hope was able to put mankind before those they loved most. Diyoza was even willing to kill her own daughter for all mankind.

While I think Diyoza and Octavia are playing along in some regard, Echo’s cruelty towards Hope – recommending she be sent to penance for 5 years to break her spirits – made my blood boil. Maybe Echo has a plan that no one else is privy to, but I believe that Echo is incapable of loving anyone but herself.

Poor Hope has to now pay the price.

A Beautiful Friendship

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Pretty sure the only point of this Eligius storyline was to provide an opportunity for Sheidheda to take power.

The hostage situation that unfolded allowed him to have the perfect opportunity to begin his reign. Now that Wonkru knows he exists, they will fall in line. Perhaps out of fear, but also because they are still not completely on board with Indra – who isn’t a nightblood – being the leader.

The biggest mistake Indra could have made was believing for one second that Sheidheda didn’t have a plan in place. Was she not aware that he had talked to Nelson, who is one of the hostage-takers? Maybe that was an oversight, but I still cannot believe she even gave him the chance to speak.

Then she goes off and leaves him in a room unguarded. Someone like Murphy may think this is the best way to get him killed, but Indra knows Sheidheda. She knows exactly what he is capable of and she should have guessed that he may have something up his sleeve.

Someone who has survived as long as he has most definitely won’t go down quietly.

Of course, Sheidheda’s actions are not Indra’s fault. I just find it crazy how he continues to rise to power. It’s as if anything that could go in Indra’s favor goes completely the other way. And now we’re stuck with Sheidheda potentially bringing Wonkru into his murderous rampage.

The one good thing about this hostage situation storyline is we once again see Murphy step up. He has been the true MVP of this season. I never would have guessed that Murphy would become Bellamy 2.0, but I’m not complaining.

When this is all over, I want Murphy and Emori to retire in a nice cabin on the outskirts of Sanctum. Maybe have a couple of mini Murphys running around. If they can hold Sanctum together, they can do anything.

Life on Bardo

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In case you were wondering if women on Bardo gave birth – they don’t. Because apparently, we needed to know that.

Essentially, it was their way of telling us that the science on Bardo is advance and has solved a lot of problems people on Earth had been looking to solve before the missiles blew it up. They also told us that none of the children on Bardo grow up with parents as it’s their way of making sure this utopia remains selfless.

I give credit to Hope because it seems like she is the only one who hasn’t drunk their Kool-Aid.

Hope is the only one who is curious as to what they want with them. The fact that no one else is at least asking questions is mind-boggling. Sure, they’re in survival mode, but with their lack of knowledge in what’s going on, who knows if this is even survival?

In Octavia’s defense, she’s a bit preoccupied by her new man, Levitt.

Ever since Lincoln died, I was never sure if she could ever love again. That’s still up for debate, but Levitt seems the most promising. Octavia needs to be with someone who understands her at her best and worst. Levitt has gotten as close as one could get in understanding Octavia. He has been inside her mind after all.

Even before he went digging around, he was her ally. And an ally is exactly what she needs.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think Octavia and Diyoza are as sold on what Anders is saying as Echo is. They’re experienced leaders and so they’re not as hasty as Hope. They know how to play the long game — I just hope they’re not too late.

The 100 airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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