‘The 100’ 7×05 Review – “Welcome to Bardo”

Looks like we may have reached the first death of the final season. And I really hope it won’t stick.

We have crash-landed onto Planet Bardo (just another planet we get to explore this season). However, unlike Planet Beta, Planet Bardo seems to be a thriving and much more interesting planet.

If there’s one thing that I have appreciated in this season, it’s all the parallels to seasons past. Just like when Clarke first met the Mountain Men, the way Octavia is introduced to the new planet includes some running and a lot of punches.  

Honestly, this episode was the turning point for me in the season. It felt as though we were finally given a glimpse into what the season thus far has led up to. Things are heating up in Sanctum and we finally get to explore the endpoint of this damn anomaly.

This is review is going to be broken down into three parts – present-day Sanctum, Planet Bardo before, and present-day Planet Bardo. Let’s dive in!

Sanctum (Present)

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Have I mentioned lately how much I love Murphy?

The charisma and conviction that Richard Harmon brings to the character continue to be one of the best parts of The 100. In fact, Murphy’s entire arc has been a highlight of the show.

Back in season one, I don’t think anyone expected Murphy to be as important of a character that he is now. I mean, remember when he wanted to murder Charlotte and shot Raven? So yeah, Murphy has had his issues, yet I still miss him when he’s not on my screen for at least twenty-five percent of an episode.

So, when he had to continue to pretend to be Daniel Prime, I couldn’t help but get a kick out of it. If only because he slips up way too much. And it looks like the people of Sanctum are starting to take notice.

Things escalte pretty quickly as Indra and him hatch up a plan to try to calm down Sanctum. After trying to save a bunch of children from a creepy ritual, Murphy fails the ultimate Prime test, putting him in danger of being burned alive. However, Russell aka Sheidheda saves the day and convinces his people to back down.

In the midst of doing as such, he accidentally revealed his true identity to Indra. That whole sequence gave me goosebumps. There is just something in JR Bourne’s eyes that makes me hold my breath the entire time he acts.

There couldn’t be a more perfect villain for the final season.

Planet Bardo (Before)

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Looks like those on Planet Bardo don’t know everything – despite us thinking they do.

But they hope that Octavia will bridge the gap between their lack of information. After being taken from Skyring, Octavia is strapped to a chair and is prodded for information. They ask questions about Bellamy, Murphy, Clarke, and everyone else she knows. Resisting only does so much as their technology lets them weasel their way into her head.

One good thing did come from this information-seeking session. Someone told Octavia exactly what she needed to hear – that she is more than just a killer. Sure, she has hurt people along the way and done some unsavory things, but it was all for the people she loved.

If this random stranger, who only just met her, can believe that – why can’t she?

Octavia continues to prove this idea that she’s more than just a killer when it comes to her relationship with Hope. She was willing to subject herself to torture in order to save her.

I’m not going to lie, I teared up a little when Hope (many years older) finally reunited with Octavia to save her.

Also, I just want to anoint Levitt as my new favorite character. Him geeking out over Octavia and all of her friends is probably what I would do in his position. I think the fandom should collectively agree to protect him at all costs.

Planet Bardo (Present)

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Gabriel, Hope, and Echo continue with their mission to save Octavia, Diyoza, and Bellamy. Let’s just say it doesn’t go as planned.

Of course, more people die and Gabriel is still the only one with a moral compass. But hey, anything to save your people, right?

We did get some juicy new info during their mission on what exactly the people of Planet Bardo want. It looks like they in search of a “key” to help them win the final war of mankind. And in case there was anyone still wondering who that key is – it’s none other than Clarke.

How Clarke is this magical key is still a mystery, one that Anders (the leader of The Disciples) didn’t fess up while holding Hope captive. What we did find out was that it was Anders who tasked Hope with stabbing Octavia at the end of season six.

Since being stabbed, Octavia has been on Planet Bardo still getting probed for information. But in the middle of one of her sessions, Anders appears with word that Bellamy has infiltrated their base. While they both try to save each other’s life, ultimately a bomb goes out that presumably kills Bellamy.

Considering this is the first time we’ve seen Bellamy since the first episode this season, I’m nowhere near convinced that he is actually dead.

Not only is there no body, but I refuse to believe that the writers would treat Bellamy so dirty like that. With that said, I’m betting Bellamy ditched the hostage and ran straight into the anomaly when he heard a bomb was going off.

I’m sure we’ll know soon enough whether Bellamy lived as things are coming to a boil right about now.

The 100 airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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