‘The 100’ 7×01 Review: “From The Ashes”

One down, fifteen more to go in the final season of The CW’s The 100.

The 100 excels in their premieres and finales – the season seven premiere was no exception. We picked up literally right where we left off in the season six finale. Octavia was just taken by the anomaly and Sanctum had just fallen.

While the premiere focuses on the immediate aftermath of those events, the episode did a fantastic job of giving us a glimpse into the issues and mysteries that will encompass the rest of the season.

One of the reasons why I love The 100 so much is because it is constantly a surprise and anything can happen. I don’t have any clue where our favorite characters will end up fifteen episodes from now. Will Bellamy and Octavia survive the anomaly? Can Clarke actually build and maintain a peaceful society? Will Raven get a happily ever after?

So many questions that we have the rest of the season to get answers to. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the last season premiere of The 100.



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When is the best time for a picnic? I guess after the world has just fallen apart.

In their defense, a little self-reflection couldn’t possibly hurt at that point. In fact, they should take some time to figure out the next steps. As it was pointed out multiple times throughout the episode by various people, Sanctum is a powder keg right now.

Having the Children of Gabriel, followers of the Primes, and Wonkru all in one place isn’t the most ideal situation as they basically all want to see each other burn. Clarke, Raven, and Indra are doing a good job of trying to keep the peace, but it’s definitely not going to be easy. Especially seeing as how Sheidheda took over Russell in the last few moments of the episode.

Clarke has had a lot of experience bringing people together. We knew that the second we saw her leadership in uniting the hundred when they first landed on Earth in season one. The problem is going to be piecing together a society you just destroyed.

With Madi no longer the commander and with Sheidheda definitely being up to no good, I can’t imagine this society is ever going to come close to peace.

Trust Bellamy

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It’s sad to see an entire premiere episode with barely any Bellamy. Apparently, Bellamy getting pulled by an invisible force into the anomaly was a result of Bob Morley asking for some time off, according to TV Line.

While it’s sad to read we will be seeing less of Bellamy than we normally would expect, I can’t blame the guy for wanting some time off. With that being said, I really hope Bellamy being MIA doesn’t last for more than a couple of episodes.

The 100 isn’t the same show without Bellamy. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to see Bellamy go.

The mystery of the appearance of Diyoza’s much older daughter, Hope, not only has rattled me but also Gabriel and Echo. After reeling from what Hope did to Octavia (stabbed her within five seconds of meeting her), they now have to figure out where the hell Bellamy went.

In an effort to find the anomaly, Echo and Gabriel teamed up with Hope. After all, she had a note that said “Trust Bellamy” so she must be trustworthy. The new dream team also ran into some familiar faces along the way.

Good ol’ King Roan of Azgeda made an appearance as an illusion to prevent Echo from finding the anomaly. It was nice seeing Roan as it reminded me a lot of season three and four (my two favorite seasons of The 100).

I hope Roan is just one of many other familiar faces we will see throughout the final season. By that I mean – please bring Lexa back!

Anyways, Echo, Gabriel, and Hope ended up walking hand-in-hand into the anomaly after getting past Roan. They’re just one step closer to finding Bellamy and, perhaps, discovering the truth “greater than us all” as Russell was blabbing on about.

Mothers and Their Daughters

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There is one sad aspect of picking up season seven right where season six left off.

Unlike the viewers, who have had months to digest Abby’s death, Clarke, Raven, Murphy, and Jackson have only had hours to cope. Shocker: they aren’t doing a great job.

No one likes losing a main character in a television series. Especially one who has been with the show since the beginning. I’m sure the death of Abby is going to be a huge factor in how characters act for the rest of the season. We have already started seeing it with Clarke who is trying her best to stop the violence and create a peaceful society.   


Someone else also taking Abby’s death hard is Murphy. Didn’t help that Jackson accused him of being the cause of her death in front of everyone. Abby’s death wasn’t Murphy’s fault. But he should still use this as an example of how his actions have ramifications.

He was so willing to help Josephine in order to save himself. Maybe next time, when given the option to either save himself or others, he’ll actually choose others.

In Clarke We Trust

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If I’ve never said it before, I’ll say it now: I love Clarke.

She will forever be one of my favorite fictional characters. She has been since the moment I met her back in season one, and it remains the same now. This episode served as a reminder of why I love her so much.

Clarke went through hell and back last season. She lost her mother and nearly lost herself. Clarke not only has to rebuild a society this season but also needs to build herself back up again.

With Sanctum being the melting pot for so many different groups, everyone is looking to Clarke to be the leader that unites them all. It’s a tough and nearly impossible task, but if anyone was going to put the weight of the world on their shoulders, it’s Clarke.

So, naturally, she broke. Face-to-face with the man who murdered her mother, she cracked. Season two Clarke would’ve killed him the second she laid eyes on him, so the fact that she didn’t kill him shows how much she’s evolved. It was still awesome watching her come close to putting a bullet in his head.

Clarke is not the same girl she was when she first stepped foot on Earth. She’s also not the same person she was before her mother died.

The 100 is about evolution and growth. Clarke is the epitome of that. It’s why the hundred looked up to her in season one and it’s also why everyone is looking at her now to rebuild Sanctum.

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I didn’t realize until today how much I missed The 100. I’m going to miss it even more when it’s gone. But, for now, I’ll just relish in how utterly fantastic this show continues to be seven seasons later.

The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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