‘The 100’ 3×09 Review: ‘Stealing Fire’

I know you’re still emotionally devastated. Anyone would be after the pain The 100 served up in “Stealing Fire.” We definitely are. Not only did we lose a fan favorite, we love you Ricky Whittle aka Lincoln, but we said goodbye to Clarke in Polis in a deadly way. The 100 decided to round off this emotional meal of angst by giving us a Kabby (Kane/Abby) moment that was tragic as much as it was beautiful.

Let’s talk about the unforgiving and brutal events that plague the characters of The 100. *passes out tissues*


Why Lincoln Chose to Stay

I don’t know about you but I’m still crying over Lincoln. Ricky Whittle has broken my heart and I’m not going to be over it for ages. Neither will I stop overthinking the hell out of why he stayed in Arkadia instead of running off with Octavia. The answer: the Grounders still imprisoned by Pike.

Lincoln motivated the Grounders in Arkadia. While in confinement he kept them strong, cared for their health, and kept their best interests at heart. The man who never knew where he really stood among his own people became their commander. It came naturally to him. When Pike issued his warning Lincoln realized something. Octavia has Bellamy. Kane has Abby and his followers. They all have people who would back them to the very end. Lincoln is the only person these Grounders have. And if he didn’t stay the Grounders would have been marched out and executed, one by one. He couldn’t let that happen.


To make it even more heartbreaking, he knew that Octavia wouldn’t let him go. Since the first moment he saw her he knew that there was something special about her, a fire that burned brighter than any he’d seen before. He was right. Octavia has become a warrior he is proud to fight next to, love, and protect. Lincolns injection was a mercy to both of them. In their last moments together he let her know how much he loved her and kissed her goodbye as a final act of true devotion. This is what he wants to her to remember, what he wants to remember of the last glimpses of each other. No fighting or crying out to come with her and leave his people behind. Instead they’ll have the memory of Octavia declaring that she would fight (and die) with him and Lincoln telling her how much he loves her.

I know many feel that Lincoln deserved a more glorious death, one with combat and feats of strength, but isn’t his sacrifice a noble feat? He chose to take the road few would travel down instead of escaping to freedom. He chose to protect his people because at the core he’s a good man who wants all this fighting to stop. Lincoln knows there’s more to this life than answering blood with blood.

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In those last moments when he was staring into the sky, eyes distant yet steadfast, he knew that Octavia was out there. Every fiber of his being was confident that she would save his people. And speaking the words “May we meet again” was his way of telling himself, hell telling the universe, that this wasn’t the end of Lincoln and Octavia. They would meet again. Not in this lifetime, but definitely the next!


Kabby is Killing Me with Feels

When Abby said, “I can’t do this again” she wasn’t talking about leading her people. She can do that, no doubt about that part. What she “can’t do” is lose another man she so desperately cares for.

Let’s look at it from Abby’s perspective. Imagine what it must of felt like waiting in that room alone. Obviously Pike trusts her enough to give her this moment, respects her even, but think of her mindset. She’s out of options, desperate for help, and scared out of her mind that the opportunity she has with Kane is going to be cut short like the one before it. Abby can’t help but think of her husband.

Jake Griffin died because he believed in a greater cause than himself. He put his people above his family, his love, and his life. Somehow Abby’s ended up with a man just like him. Kane is courageous, benevolent, and looks at the big picture of things. He wants their people to survive no matter what happens. Abby’s got a chance to be happy with him, to do things differently this time around. Unfortunately Pike’s single-minded drive to save their people, and keep to the old ways on the Ark, are preventing her from having a future with Kane.

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Pike is preventing Kabby from happening!

The five words that spill from her lips, the way she touches him so reverently, is her way of confessing all these feelings to him. She’s acknowledging that there’s more to them. They both can see it now. No matter how sincere Kane’s begging words were, Abby’s not going to let Kane die. They only have fleating moments of happiness in this new on Earth. She’s going to make sure she grabs every single one before her time comes as well.

She won’t lose the man she cares for again.


Clarke the Flamekeeper

Now this is the part of the story that people really need to worry about, A.L.I.E. 2.0. That little piece of plastic holds Lexa’s mind, is capable of starting a war (oh wait I think that already happened w/ Ontari), and end the world. The safest place for that little angst bomb is in Clarke Griffin’s hands and away from Polis.

After being upgraded to Flamekeeper, Clarke ran off into the forest to evade Ontari’s evil schemes and protect the ‘flame’ aka chip. She knows the woman’s anger drove her to destroy the conclave and she wants no part of it! With the ‘flame’ the Ice Nation night-blood will wipe out her people. We all know what happens to people that threaten her people. THEY DIE! Plus Clarke still has things to say to Lexa. She’s not going to lose this chance to have a proper goodbye with the Heda. No matter how small the moment may be, she wants it.


For a moment I let myself think that going to Raven might be Clarke’s best option. I was wrong. If Clarke returns home with that data, A.L.I.E. will force every single person in her City of Light fanclub to hunt her down. Our favorite mechanic may just have realized the A.I.’s nasty side effects, but she’s not out of the woods. She’s not in the clear. (Yes, that’s a Taylor Swift reference.) Raven needs time to recover from her decisions and forgetting Finn. That won’t happen if she’s got to battle everyone for that chip while analyzing it.

Raven is out. Luna is in. (*whispers* Even though no one knows much about her besides second hand mentions. This is going to go so well. Not.)



Other ‘Stealing Fire’ Observations (aka Overflowing Feels):

  • Kudos to Bellamy for finally opening his eyes to the reality of the situation that they all found themselves in. To many his change of heart was too little, too late. How is anyone in the opposition supposed to trust him when he was arresting Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair? How is Indra supposed to trust him after he participated in the slaughter of her people, all around her? How is Octavia supposed to trust him after defending a man who clearly despises the kind of person she now is? Bellamy wasn’t surprised by the doubt in his words but he kept on trying because that’s what he does. That’s what got him in this situation in the first place, trying to save his people a different way. Now all he can do is try to make up for the mistakes that he’s made. He’ll earn their trust back. It’s just going to take time and action. Prove to them that you are not that man Pike made you for yourself, your people, and for Octavia. That last one right probably matters the most.
  • I was expecting for Bryan to betray Miller once more. He’s on the other side and against everything that Bryan’s believed in for months. Plus he totally bugged boyfriend’s jacket! The betrayal I was waiting for didn’t happen. Instead there were confessions, being open with each other, and finally twisting it all to show us that Bryan chose Miller. He picked love! More Miller and Bryan please?
  • Despite his initial trepidation, Monty chose to side with the opposition. His mother was on the brink of a massive lecture when it all came to a screeching halt at Pike’s entrance. No matter what she believes, or what the stakes are, she chose her son. It’s going to take some convincing to leave the Pike side, but it’s a step forward. Pike’s reign is being crumbled from the inside out.
  • P.S. Where was A.L.I.E., Jasper, and Raven? My bet is creeping about the camp while trying not to get noticed or killed by Jaha. That man would do anything for A.L.I.E. because he’s weak and believes anything. Gotta watch out for that man.


Next Week’s Trailer – ‘Fallen’

The 100 airs Thursdays on The CW @ 9/8c.

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