‘The 100’ 3×15 Roundtable: Perverse Instantiation Part One

Every week, Fangirlish writers (and sometimes guests) sit down to discuss new episodes of The 100. We share our thoughts, feelings, and speculations on everything and anything in what we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables.

Today, we’re breaking down The 100 penultimate episode “Perverse Instantiation Part One.” Join us as we discuss Jasper’s betrayal (and our heartbreak), Clarke being tortured by her mother, and what’s to come next for our delinquents!

Let’s dive right in!

1. “Perverse Instantiation Part One” was go, go, go from the very start. What was your favorite scene and why?

Lyra, Fangirlish: Favorite scene goes to Monty and Jasper. It was everything I’d been waiting for. Suddenly my friendship flag was waving in the air and I could see hope for the future of our delinquents. Then ALIE CRUSHED MY HEART! She had planned this! Every word that spilled out of Jasper’s mouth couldn’t be trusted because he wasn’t the one at the  steering wheel. Even now, days after the “incident,” I feel betrayed and hurt by Jasper (ALIE.) I need them to kill ALIE as soon as possible and give me the Monty/Jasper reunion I need. P.S. Christopher Larkin and Devon Bostick absolutely killed it in that scene!

Lizzie, Fangirlish: Lyra stole my answer, because yes, Monty and Jasper. Even after the ALIE reveal, my reaction was basically the opposite of , well, of probably everyone else. I know it wasn’t Jasper, but in a way, I want to believe it was. I’m going to glory in the wonderful reunion even if it was sorta half fake. Because, nope. It was too perfect to let ALIE destroy it, and we’ve had precious little perfect in this season of The 100. I need to enjoy the good things. Yes. Enjoy the good.

Laura, Just About Write: I’m going to cheat and say any scene that featured Murphy. He’s come a far away since the start of the show, originally being one of my least favorites. Now, he’s the one I look forward to seeing the most, as he continues to bring his own unique form of snark and pessimism with a hint of actually caring to the show. We saw all of that in last week’s episode, from Murphy’s declaration that Clarke is ALWAYS in trouble to him actually opening up to Bellamy by telling him he’s not the only one with someone he cares about upstairs.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: I really loved Roan’s reappearance! His sass and his pragmatism and his point blank refusal to just fall into the drama of the situation actually had me laughing this week. This is The 100, we don’t get to laugh very often if ever, so I was really glad to have those somewhat lighter moments with Roan at the beginning of the episode. My other favorite moment was when Murphy showed up with Pike and Indra to rescue the other delinquents. Murphy reuniting with friends he hasn’t seen in ages, Indra with a gun, ALIE’s drones not catching on that they should probably not stay standing–everything about this scene was so good.


2.What was your least favorite scene aka the one you could’ve done without?

Lyra, Fangirlish: I could’ve done without Abby torturing her own daughter. I understand that ALIE does not feel pain but knows how to use it against others. I get it. Tactic of war. But why is The 100 pushing so hard to freak us out and traumatize Clarke over and over? This is a harsh world, another thing that I understand, but we have to set limits somewhere. The 100 isn’t Game of Thrones and it needs to stop acting like it is. It also needs to competing with GOT to kill/torture more people to get the same edgy feel of the HBO hit. That shows ‘limitless nature’ is one of the reasons I don’t watch GOT. Don’t want the same thing to happen with The 100. There, I said it.

Lizzie, Fangirlish: I’m gonna agree with Lyra again, because, let’s be honest, even Game of Thrones has now gotten to the point where it’s giving an upward arc for some of the characters who have suffered the most. And even Game of Thrones, which thrives on violence, usually has an upward arc for at least one character in every season. Where’s that for The 100? I feel like they’ve knocked me down and then kicked me while I was already down on the ground whimpering. I can’t get up. This is never ever going to get better. And I don’t like that.

Laura, Just About Write: I’ve never been a big fan of watching characters be tortured or kill themselves/each other (I know, I know, I’m probably watching the wrong show). That being said, the scene in which Abby hangs herself was the most difficult one for me to watch and therefore my least favorite of the episode. She’s not the first in the City of Light to inflict self harm in order to get others to join them, with Raven having done so in a previous episode. Having to sit there and watch her hang herself was a new kind of disturbing though and I could have done without it.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: It’s no secret that Abby is my favorite character on this show, so I’m usually just glad when my girl gets screentime, but this week all of her scenes broke my heart. It’s one thing to watch her harm Clarke, something she’d never ever do and will hate herself for in the future, but watching her hang herself was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to witness. That scene honestly terrified me and I definitely could have done without it. I think ALIE could have found a way to manipulate Clarke using Abby that wasn’t so aggressively violent.


3. Clarke is going to enter the City of Light in hopes of finding a way to defeat ALIE. What is she going to find?

Lyra, Fangirlish: After Clark runs around from ALIE’s drones she’s going to discover a connection to the hidden section of the City of Light that Raven discovered. It’s going to be the weakest spot of her entire programming. (That’s why she protects it so vehemently.) The most important thing that she’s going to find and what’s going to help her is…Lexa. But how?! She’s not a nightblood?! She can’t take the Flame?! Here’s the order of things: 1) Blood transfusion from Ontari. 2) Clarke takes the Flame. 3) Enters City of Light, runs around, and gets help from Lexa because she’s in the Flame. 4) Finally gets to say everything she’s wanted to say to Lexa. Cry, cry, cry. 5) Save the world & destroy ALIE. THE END.

Lizzie, Fangirlish: Inspiration? Lexa? I mean, I think it’s clear we’re going to see a version of Lexa, I just don’t know if that’s what Clarke needs to defeat ALIE. Is it a real solution or one of those you need to find the strength within yourself sort of things? This being The 100 I want to think it’s a combination, but it might not be. This season hasn’t exactly done anything I expected it to do, so, at this point …well, at this point I don’t even think any of my speculations are correct.

All I ask is that they save the world and this doesn’t end in a cliffie. ALL I ASK.

Laura, Just About Write: If Clarke is somehow able to do what no one else has done and enter the City of Light but remain uncontrolled by ALIE, it’s possible she could find the kill switch within the Citadel that Raven discovered a few episodes. Between her work within the City of Light and Raven’s work on the computers, the two could band together finally defeat ALIE. And maybe Clarke will even find some peace and forgiveness of herself within the City of Light, like so many have. Whether this would carry forward into the future would remain to be seen.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: I think Clarke is going to merge ALIE’s City of Light and the Flame. Abby’s going to figure out how to use Ontari’s blood to make Clarke able to take the Flame, which perhaps is how she’s able to resist ALIE’s influence upon taking the chip. Once she’s inside I think she’ll find Lexa and hopefully closure, forgiveness, and a little bit of peace. Then they’ll find the kill-switch (with Raven’s help, perhaps) and she’ll have to say goodbye again, but this time it’s on their terms. This way Lexa gets to go out in the way she deserved, helping Clarke save their people and Clarke gets to be at peace with that relationship and this decision.


4. With our delinquents surrounded, who’s most likely to die?

Lyra, Fangirlish: Most likely to die for me is Thelonious Jaha and ALIE. The AI because it’s time to fry her. And Jaha because he would sacrifice himself to protect ALIE. For so long this man has been running from his pain. He’s never faced any of it while on the show. My headcanon is that he accepted the Flame willingly and when ALIE is in true danger, he’ll step in and take the hit. My super secret, oh my god I shouldn’t be thinking this, guess is Monty Green. (I can feel you glaring and yelling, “DON’T YOU DARE KILL MONTY!”) Let’s look at the facts. He got to say goodbye to his mother (again), he found someone to care for in Harper, and he got some closer from Jasper (even if it was a lie.) Oh and don’t forget that fake out where we thought he was seriously injured by Jasper. Moves like this speak of disaster and pain coming.

Lizzie, Fangirlish: I think ALIE is gone for sure, and I want to think it’s Jaha, because, well, I hate Jaha. I really do. But that’s just common sense speaking and it wouldn’t cause me, or likely anyone else, any pain whatsoever. So, if The 100 wants to break us (and maybe it does), then it’s gotta be someone else. Lyra might think it’s Monty, but I actually…well, I don’t want to say it out loud, but I’ve gotten this sense all season that it might be Raven. Dear God, let me be wrong about this. LET ME BE WRONG ABOUT THIS. I don’t want to see this show without Raven. I’m not even sure I would.

Laura, Just About Write: We’ve already lost quite a few characters this season, most notably Lexa. My main hope is that ALIE is added to that list by the end of the season but she might not be the only one to die. If they were to kill off another major character I’d be completely fine with it being Jasper as over the past season, they’ve lost this character. Things aren’t looking good for Harper though right now, leaving me wondering if they would really take away another person from Monty that he loves. Also on the list as possible deaths are Nathan and Bryan who made the mistake of imaging a perfect future together in last week’s episode. That’s a sure sign that your time is almost up.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: I think we’re definitely going to lose Jasper, which is a shame because I’ve finally come to like the kid. I’m very worried about Miller and Bryan; you can’t just go around talking about living by a lake and growing old together and expect me to not begin fearing for your life, boys. I don’t think we’ll learn the fate of Roan or Indra before the end of this season, but hopefully that just means they’re both okay and they’ll both be in season 4. I’m also a little scared for everyone left in the City of Light, but hopefully shutting it down just sets them free and doesn’t kill them as Emori warned a few episodes back.


5. How will you be by the end of The 100 Season Finale? Use a gif to describe your face/feelings/emotions!

Lyra, Fangirlish:

Lizzie, Fangirlish:

Laura, Just About Write: 

Samantha, Tale Tell TV:

What did you think of The 100‘s “Perverse Instantiation Part One?” What was your favorite scene? Did Monty/Jasper break your heart? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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