‘The 100’ 3×07 Review: “Thirteen”

Lexa had to die. I don’t mean to say that I’m thrilled at her death and wished for it in this week’s episode of The 100 titled ‘Thirteen.’ I mean that her death has served a purpose that cannot be denied. Also this isn’t the last we’ll see of Lexa. It can’t be.

Let’s talk about it!

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The Commander’s passing serves an example to Clarke and Titus that even at death’s door anyone can believe in achieving more and actually do it. Laying there dying didn’t stop her beliefs or how’d she’d changed in the passing weeks into a more benevolent leader. She knew that her time was coming and wanted to ensure that her people stayed alive and didn’t lose themselves in vengeance. Getting Titus to protect Clarke was more than just protecting a lover. It was continuing what she had worked hard for and what she wanted her people to believe in. This is where her journey ends but that doesn’t mean she can no longer guide her people. Clarke and Titus together can keep it going, someway, somehow. But it has to be together.

Question is, where do they go now? Titus and Clarke?

Titus will follow his pupils orders and assure that Polis remains strong (or harder to fall apart.) He will find the next Commander to honor Lexa because he saw how deep her beliefs ran and how wrong he was. It will also open him up to the possibility that what Murphy told him was true. His people are connected to Skaikru and maybe it isn’t the end of the world. Maybe it’s the start of something. Titus’ biggest problem is that he has a hard time believing in anything different than what he has known his entire life. Just the thought of it scared him enough to lead to Murphy Beat Down 2k16 and an assassination attempt on Clarke. Lexa’s death means a crack in that stubbornness of his. Hopefully he’ll see that the science of the Commander’s ‘spirit’ doesn’t change his beliefs, it gives an explanation, a step by step guide to how it came to be. It’s still the same.

Titus’ biggest problem is that he has a hard time believing in anything different than what he has known his entire life.

Clarke will not fall into a ball of despair. If anything she’s been woken up by Lexa’s death. She’s been hiding from her people and the problems hidden inside of her for too long. Lexa went on proud and not afraid of what was to come. Clarke will follow that example. She will face her troubles head on and carry on the peace. I honestly don’t think Clarke knew how much she cared for Lexa until that final moment. She was playing the game, moving all the pieces to ensure her people’s survival in her anger, without seeing what she was truly doing to Lexa. Wanheda didn’t see that she was giving the coalition leader hope for a better world for her people, something Clarke will have to carry from here on out.

Now, back to this ‘not being the last time we see Lexa’. When the first Commander landed she changed her blood and implanted ALIE 2 as a means of integrating an artificial intelligence with that of a human. The black blood probably enabled the host to survive and keep the AI alive, hence the Commander tradition. The A.I. was meant to learn and help ‘all’ survive. From what we know about the Grounders, they forgot about their beginnings and turned into a violent people who answered blood with blood. The A.I. inside of the Commanders would have learned this violence as a means of survival. But with Lexa it was different. She saw an opportunity to try something different, a better way, to keep her people thriving when Skaikru came. At the end she payed for it with her death, but the A.I. learned something different from her. It learned a better way.

So who’s to say when it’s implemented into the next Commander it won’t continue learning this new way of survival? Titus will ensure that the right leader is chosen to continue Lexa’s plans. Or maybe it won’t reach the next leader. Maybe it will be captured and taken to Arkadia where ALIE 1 is waiting. ALIE 1 will try to implement it into herself without realizing what she’s brought in, a new way of survival that is driven by peace and not destruction. That’s where Lexa plays into all this. She will come into this City of Light just like others have done when they’ve passed and ingested the biochip. This time around, ALIE 1 will have someone fighting against her to save the human race, someone on the inside. That’s how Clarke and Lexa will meet again. Not in this world, but the next.

Lexa’s death means more than just a romance ended or a leader cut down in her prime. It’s the start of ALIE 2 finding her way to ALIE 1 and saving the world. Like I said in the beginning of this, just because Lexa’s physical body is gone doesn’t mean she won’t guide them and save her people (and Clarke’s) when the time comes. She’s going to be in the City of Light.


Other Observations:

  1. Will we ever see Murphy clean again? Once again he was beat up and left with more bruises, cuts, and scrapes. He really does have the worst luck. Can we send him back to the Lighthouse? This time we’ll prop the door open and keep him safe. Bring Raven too!
  2. Indra, my fierce fallen warrior, it was so good to see her again! After being injured in the Grounder massacre she had fallen into herself with the guilt she felt at surviving. Octavia lit a fire under her ass and reminded her of the strong and capable leader she was. Indra picking herself up and walking off with Octavia had BAMF’s written all over it.
  3. Arkadia wasn’t in this episode. That means no Bellamy, Raven, Lincoln, or Abby. I miss them. Hopefully Kane is starting to set everything in motion. Next episode will be all Arkadia.
  4. Shout out to Erica Cerra (Becca) in the flashback scenes!


The 100 Moment of The Week

Clarke honoring Lexa by giving her the parting speech of her people. It was a beautiful moment that cemented the change that is to come and how much life is more than just surviving.

“In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.”


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Still kind of peeved that Lexa was cut down so soon? (She really did have more potential.) Want to erase the memory of her death? Leave us your thoughts or comments in the section below!

Next Week’s Trailer – ‘Terms & Conditions’

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  1. The plot comes first. The plot comes first. THE PLOT COMES FIRST. And this episode actually made me like Lexa more than I’d ever liked her.

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