‘The 100’ Season 3 Premiere Review: ‘Wanheda Part One’

In the words of the brave, smart, and resourceful Octavia Blake:

Octavia Back

The 100 Season 3 hit the ground running with a Commander of Death emerging from her sabbatical, world building, and relationships (old and new.) Let’s not forget the big threat sitting atop a mountain in a fancy mansion. It’s a combination for disaster and we want it all!


[lead]Clarke on the Run from Everyone, Even Herself[/lead]

Clarke is a panther killing redhead on a mission to hide. Her new hairstyle is a means to conceal herself from the Grounder force after her. Apparently they believe that if they kill someone with her death quota they will gain her power. According to Indra, “Kill her and command death.” In a culture where superstition runs prevalent it’s a tempting offer that hundreds will take on. Roan (Zach McGowan,) the one to capture her in this episode, was enough of a gentleman to wait until she was done with her lady caller before kidnapping her.

Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s backtrack to Clarke’s scene with Niylah (Jessica Harmon.) Clarke doesn’t care who this woman is or what she’s getting into with hooking up with her. What Clarke does care about is losing herself in something else besides the pain and guilt rooted deep inside of her. So she asks Niylah to stop talking and feeds off her touch so she doesn’t have to stay in her reality.


She knows that Bellamy and Co. will find her soon. When they do she’ll have to wake up and face the kind of woman she has grown into. Wanheda, the Commander of Death.


[lead]Camp Arkadia is Up and Running…Kinda[/lead]

A new camp has risen from the shaky beginnings of Camp Jaha. The Sky People, let’s call them Arkadians now, have taken charge of Mt. Weather, started training their youths in combat, and become a formidable challenge to it’s outsiders. Also did you see children running around?! Combine all of this with everyone singing and jamming out to Jasper’s music in the Jeep and you’ve got a recipe for ‘happy.’ Note to self: Joy is something that worries me because swift pain always follows.

The camp isn’t the only thing that’s changed, relationships have. Jasper and Monty are falling apart because the latter can’t understand the pain his friend is going through. Drinking has become Jasper’s BFF. To the shock of many Bellamy has started dating a new girl named Gina (Leah Gibson.) I know many Bellarke hearts were breaking when they saw this happen but hold on people. It’s still early on in the game and it’s been three months. Just as it’s ok for Clarke to lose herself in other women, it’s ok for Bellamy to grow and explore the world around him. Plus it’s been three months. What were they supposed to do? Sit on their hands and chill? Nope. Bellamy waited and gave Clarke her time. Now that she needs him he will be there. *whispers* Bellamy/Gina won’t last long.



[lead]Octavia is a Grounder, What is Lincoln?[/lead]

More relationship talk coming your way! Lincoln was off training the young Arkadians and Octavia was not happy. She has never identified with the people of the Ark. Because of their rules she was hidden all her life, banished, and lost her mom to being floated. Heck I wouldn’t side with them either. She found an identity and a home on Earth with Lincoln. When he put on that Arkadia jacket he distanced himself from her and blurred the lines on where he stood in her eyes.

It didn’t take long for Lincoln to choose to stand next to his bae. He chose her over his own people and now he’s doing the same with the Arkadians. They live together, survive together, and sleep curled up together. *insert heart eyes*

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[lead]Crazy Jaha, Skeptical Murphy, and Alie the Artifical Intelligence[/lead]

Jaha has decided to take a first class ticket to Alie’s (Erica Cerra) crazy vision of paradise. For three months he kept Murphy in that bunker because he could. Alie has given him a false sense of purpose and position when in reality she holds all the cards aka the nuke. He’s a mouthpiece for her that can move off the island and explore the world around. No matter how Jaha tries to sell it, Murphy isn’t buying it. He watched that video so many times he forgot that maybe there was a razor around to shave that thing off his face. Now that was the real punishment during his imprisonment.

We could spend hours and countless pages going over The 100 Season 3 premiere, because it was amazing, but it’s time to hand the mic to you! Loved Clarke and her red locks? Thought Jaha was definitely off his rocker? Concerned about Bellamy’s new love interest? Tell us in the comments section below!


[lead]Next Week’s Trailer – ‘Wanheda Part Two’[/lead]

The 100 airs Thursdays on The CW @ 9/8c.


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