‘The 100’ 3×03 Review: Ye Who Enter Here

Welcome to another hour of The 100 where pain is your constant companion and no one can be happy! As soon a smile was spotted in ‘Ye Who Enter Here’ it was all downhill and we whipped out the tissues as a necessary precaution. Our fears were proven right when a plot to kill the Sky People was twisted to make it seem like Clarke was in danger. Death makes no distinction on a show where all would go to extraordinary lengths to protect their people and interests.

Let’s talk about it!


Hello 13th Clan of the Coalition

I honestly expected a little more fight from Clarke. When presented with the option of joining Lexa and her coalition last week she went absolutely crazy in anger (rightfully so.) She didn’t believe that Lexa had the audacity to request such a thing from her. A week later and it seems like Clarke has had time to think about it off screen. Their world is bigger than expected and her people are in danger of becoming squashed like a little bug in a war that they stumbled upon. I understand that a common theme of The 100 is protecting your people, but where’s the fiery spirit in Clarke? She’s a shadow of herself that agreed way too easily on something that shouldn’t have been her decision to make in the first place. The Grounder world might see her as the leader of the Sky People but she isn’t. (Remember this because Pike will use it to his advantage when returning to Arkadia.)


Clarke bowing down to Lexa wasn’t out of love, friendship, or loyalty. Lexa chose her people first and Clarke will follow that example to the tee. She’s becoming the Wanheda the Commander created because she’s not ready to face the broken girl that trekked through the forest for three months. In the face of the person who broke she’s decided to keep her head up and barrel forward for her own sanity. If she stops it’ll collapse around her and this is war, we don’t have time for that.

Even Lexa bowing down to Clarke and pledging her fealty means nothing. She can make all the promises and heart eyes she wants at Wanheda. It won’t matter. Words mean nothing if Lexa can’t back them up with actions. If she does this maybe someday Clarke will move past the betrayal. She’ll never forget. But she won’t look at Lexa with the loathing anger she hits her with now.


Goodbye Mount Weather

Tricking the Sky People to leave Mount Weather unguarded was a callous and cowardly act. The Farm Station didn’t move in there to replace the Mountain Men and continue their reign of terror. Sure they were looking for the codes to the missiles but that was a safety precaution for their people, the reoccurring theme of the show. For the first time in months they felt safe from the outside world behind those walls. They could smile, eat, sleep, and live without worrying that a group of Grounders would attack them. Even Pike, who you can tell has been darkened by the deaths around him, could have let that pain go in Mount Weather. Now it’s all gone. He’ll never be the same because the Ice Nation decided to make an example out of them. Pike will become a force to be reckoned with when he rallies the people of Arkadia against the Grounders.

She could’ve been great if given more time.

On a side note, I liked Gina (Leah Gibson) in the little time we spent with her. She was sweet, kind, and formed relationships with Raven (my buttercup needed all the love after everything she’s been through.) But what I enjoyed the most was her relationship with Bellamy. It wasn’t catty or full of jealous remarks because he wanted to go off and rescue Clarke. She was frank with him when she told him to rest up, get better, and then head back out there. Gina supported him because she understood that this was someone important to Bellamy. She was a team player who I would’ve loved to see developed. With A.L.I.E. spreading her cyber city there’s hope that she’ll come back there or in a Bellamy flashback. *crossing fingers*


Can Bellamy Ever Catch a Break?

When push came to shove Bellamy trusted an old ally and went after Clarke. He’s a good person who had faith in an innocent face, someone he helped in desperate times. He was repaid with pain and betrayal that will change him from this moment forward. For the three months that Clarke was gone he had a chance to be a normal teen. He met a girl who made him smile and let him be a little bit more comfortable in his own skin . Bellamy opened up and the tension bled away from his demeanor. Gina’s death has ripped it all away. He thought he was doing the right thing but instead he left someone he cared about all alone and defenseless.


While I’m over the moon that he found Clarke and a spark of the woman that she was before came to life before our eyes…I can’t stop thinking about the happiness taken away from him. Having a normal relationship with Gina was good for him. It wasn’t going to be a forever kind of love but long enough to show him that happiness could be possible amongst all the crazy they’ve experienced since landing on Earth. *whispers* One day soon that could have been with Clarke my dear Bellarke shippers. *smh* Now it’s going to take time to peel those layers back so he can experience the happiness of companionship and love once more. Like Clarke, he’s going to harden inside so no more of his people have to die.


Ice Queen, Already a Thorn in My Side

First off, never trust a leader who is willing to make deals and take counsel from a person who had no problem killing other Grounders (you know, you’re own people?) It’s sick that the Ice Queen, played by Brenda Strong, could even work with the ‘last mountain man.’ Make no mistake about it, he enjoyed what he did, and he will do it again. He liked the power and control it gave him over the ‘primitive’ Grounders. This is his bid for survival. Temporary survival. *hint hint*

Source: queenchamberlain

Second of all, this woman has no problem killing innocents if it gives her an advantage over Lexa. Her destruction of Mountain Weather wasn’t because she hated the Sky People or as revenge for all the souls lost in there. She was trying to shake Lexa’s coalition with a power move. The Ice Queen was showing all that she would not bow down and that anyone that crossed her path, by accident or not at all, would suffer. She’s also trying to goad Clarke out of hiding. She wants Wanheda’s power and will go to whatever lengths she has to get it.


[lead]Other Observations:[/lead]

  • Raven was hurt AGAIN! Please give her a break The 100 writers and Jason Rothenberg!
  • Shame on me for trusting Echo for a second.
  • Jaha didn’t make one appearance. Thank the stars. Needed a break from City of Light.
  • Entering Polis expanded our understanding of the Grounder world. Not all of them are crazies running around in the forest causing problems like season one made us think. They’re just normal people trying to survive and make a living. Just so happens they speak a different language.
  • The Grounder Anthem has been released by The CW on Soundcloud. This gorgeous piece is also FREE! Grab it up while you can HERE. Lyric translation HERE.
  • Are those Kane and Abby sparks that I’m seeing? I’m not opposed to it but I need more. Sell it to me The CW.

It’s hard to imagine how things can get worse for the people on The 100. We’re only on episode three and I feel like my heart is going to explode from ‘feels’ overload! You know what that means right? The worst pain hasn’t even arrived yet. The only way for the Sky People to survive the Grounder war just over the horizon is to make alliances with the enemy of their enemy.


Next Week’s Trailer – ‘Watch the Thrones’

The 100 airs Thursdays on The CW @ 9/8c.

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