‘The 100’ 3×14: WTF Moments from “Red Sky at Morning”

The 100‘s “Red Sky at Morning” proved to me that I don’t know my delinquents as well as I thought I did. Half of them have hidden depths that we didn’t even know were there. And the other half is a disappointment because we thought we knew them quite well. These discoveries about our ensemble cast came to light when they arrived at Luna’s oil rig and when they had a chance to destroy A.L.I.E. in Polis and Arkadia.

Instead of going on and on about all the crazy feels and angst our poor hearts were forced to endure, we’re going to make a list. Below are the top 4 WTF moments of “Red Sky at Morning.” With how crazy this show continues to be, the list was hard to narrow down.


1. Clarke Forcing the Flame on Luna

I’ve known for a while that the Clarke Griffin of Season 3 isn’t the same woman I loved from Season 1. It makes sense that she’s evolved into a dangerous and more complex woman because of what she’s been through. But all the while I’ve liked Clarke and supported her. (It’s not an easy job being leader, but she got things done!) “Red Sky at Morning” has finally made me realize that I don’t like THIS version of Clarke Griffin at all.

Three months in the forest, separation from her people, and the death of Lexa have twisted her about into something unrecognizable. At the first sign of Clarke not getting her way she decided to force Luna’s hand. At that moment she was no better than A.L.I.E. She’s let her need for vengeance, consume her and transform her into the very thing she’s fighting against.

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Because of Clarke’s imperious and self-important actions, dialogue with Luna has closed. They’re on their own from here on out. My only hope is that Clarke’s time with Luna taught her something about the treacherous path she’s on. There are other ways to take down your enemy and stop the killing.

Lexa’s “blood must not have blood” wasn’t just a foolish dream. It can happen. Clarke needs to find a better way with her family by her side. It’s the only way they’ll come out of this alive.


2. Murphy Caring for Emori

The man who will survive them all, has proved that he has a heart in “Red Sky at Morning.” When given the choice he stood down for Emori. Honestly, I was surprised that Murphy took this turn. Yes, they’ve spent a lot of time together on the road and have become intimate multiple times. But wasn’t that just to survive? Wasn’t that just doing what John Murphy does best? Sticking with the most likely to survive? Apparently not.

The only explanation I can come up with, after ages of thinking, is that he sees a piece of himself in Emori. He sees someone alone, looked down upon, and constantly judged for who they are. He sees someone whose never been given a chance to be something more.

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Ultimately, Murphy’s weakness for this woman made it harder for them to destroy A.L.I.E. It set them back. But it doesn’t mean I’m not proud of him. He’s finally understanding that there’s more to life than just surviving by the skin of your teeth. One day, aka when they free Emori’s mind from the City of Light, maybe they can explore this life together.


3. Monty Deleting his Mother

One of my favorite things about Season 3 is the amount of screen time Monty has gotten. We’ve seen him suffer, care, love, and live in a world constantly at battle. And in “Red Sky at Morning” Monty proved how strong he was. As of now, he’s killed his mother two times. Each instance was to help someone dear to him.

The boy who started as comic relief has developed into a man who can make the hard decisions when need be. He can set aside his love for someone because it’s the right thing to do. (Something a lot of us wouldn’t be able to even fathom.) Doesn’t mean that it’s been easy for Monty. He struggled letting go of Jasper when he was self destructing. He hesitated betraying his mother at the Ark and when he had to kill her to save Octavia. And in this final moment, before he deletes his mom, he fought with his instinct to protect his mother.

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What they’re The 100 is doing to Monty is setting him up for something bigger. His storyline is about to grow exponentially because of the back to back changes he’s been experiencing. There’s no doubt that Christopher Larkin will knock it out the park when he returns for Season 4. (If he survives the finale…)


4. A.L.I.E. Torturing/Killing People…Again

There was no way that Luna’s home was going to get away unscathed in “Red Sky At Morning.” It was fated as soon as her people brought our delinquents to the oil rig. What A.L.I.E. did to her home was a violation that Luna didn’t take lying down for long. She resisted, fighting with every breath that she took, and eventually killing those she loved to save the rest of her family. Luna is unlike anyone the A.I. has tortured because she has decided to not let vengeance consume her despite the pain.

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We’ve come to a point where there is nothing that A.L.I.E. won’t do to upload everyone to the City of Light. She will wash the streets with her enemies blood, threaten loved ones with death, and waterboard those still struggling at the end of it all. She’s a force to be reckoned with and she’s not even physically there! A.L.I.E.’s a digital construct that destroyed the world once and is ready to do it again! And for what?

It’s still unclear what her REAL endgame is. No matter how cold or stiff she acts, this AI understands emotions and the human condition. So is there a possibility, that she is doing all of this because she’s been stuck in one form her entire existence? Is she uploading herself friends to make her existence acceptable? So she isn’t alone?

A.L.I.E. was a failed program from the start. Maybe one of her core flaws is understanding humans too much, the good and the bad. And wanting to be part of it.

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