‘The 100’ 3×13 Review: Join or Die

Our delinquents have finally made it to Luna in The 100 episode ‘Join or Die’. Compared to other things they’ve done, it was as easy as lighting a fire at the right spot, at the right time. Meanwhile in Polis, A.L.I.E. is stirring up even more trouble for our heroes by gaining control of the Grounder capital. She doesn’t care how far she needs to go or who she needs to hurt. *sob* Kabby.

Let’s dive right in and talk about it!



Octavia’s trust in Lincoln continues to guide her no matter where she goes. It’s a glaring reminder that Lincoln had more to contribute to The 100 storyline and that his death was unnecessary. Getting closure in the previous episode has grounded her and alleviated some of her pain. Doesn’t mean the she’s over it. Just means she’s one step closer to surviving his death. One step closer to eventually forgiving her brother.

Finding Luna was one of the easiest things they’ve done in ages. We’re introduced to a new set of Grounders who have survived out on the water and in it. Makes you wonder how others are living in the desert, the cold, and the rainforest. There’s a whole new world of Grounders out there. And with the way that The 100 is expanding, we’ll probably get to see some of these new environments.

Luna - The 100 - Join or Die

Luna is the key  they need to destroy A.L.I.E. and for Clarke to be reunited with Lexa, even for the briefest moment. But our savior isn’t delighted about the prospect of becoming the next Commander. Something happened in her past that made her swear off killing while still holding onto her control and power. She’s respected there. It’s odd to think that a group of Grounders branched out and decided not to answer blood with blood.

Clarke needs to find a way to make it seem like the odds are against Luna, her people, and her home.

It’s Clarke’s job now to convince Luna. She has to set aside her feelings and look at the bigger picture. A.L.I.E. will not stop with Polis. She will expand her reign and try to bring the whole world into the City of Light. It won’t be long until her drones search out potential bodies and find their hideout in the water. Hell, for all we know A.L.I.E. already knows that they’re out there. Clarke needs to find a way to make it seem like the odds are against Luna, her people, and her home. That’s the only way she’ll join the fight and accept the Flame. Knowing Clarke, she won’t give up until Luna gets tired of her and tosses her overboard.



Bellamy needs to take a step back and stop giving his sister grief for not forgiving him fast enough. Fixing what is broken between them isn’t going to be an easy task. He broke her trust and faith in him. And it can’t be fixed with pretty words and puppy dog eyes. He needs to work for it. He needs to show her that no matter what she throws at him, he’s going to fix this, he’s going to stay by her side. It’s the only way they’ll have a chance at becoming family again.

Bellamy needs to take a step back and stop giving his sister grief for not forgiving him fast enough.

And while I’m not happy that Bellamy’s pushing, I’m happy that the writers are dragging it out. They’re not making it so that Bellamy apologizes and everything returns to the way it once was. It’ll never be the same. What they’re doing instead is trying to find a different way to survive together. The dynamic between these siblings is being tested and moulded into something new. It’s the kind of development I’ve been waiting for.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.53.15 PM

While we’re on Bellamy, let’s talk about that Bellarke hug. It was cute, I’ll admit that. They worked past some of the pain between them and Clarke assured Bellamy that he needs to give his sister time. They talked! But wasn’t there something absent? A spark? They’re not the same people they were in season one and two, when I shipped them. Now all I see is broken versions of themselves trying to act like nothing’s changed. Everything’s changed.

I’ve still got hope for Bellarke, just not these dull and broken versions of themselves. They depended on each other before and maybe they can do the same now as they try to rebuild themselves. Let’s hope the writers take their time and give us something worth fighting for. No quick fixes.



I still cringe at the thought of Polis and everything that happened there. It’s like the writers are trying to prove that things can always get worse.

A.L.I.E. has taken over all of Polis. With Ontari by her side she has conquered the Grounders with little opposition. And the ones who fought against her…well you saw the blood on the streets, the crucified bodies, and the prisoners they still hope to turn. A.L.I.E doesn’t care for humans as much as she claims. If she did she wouldn’t be using the pain humans experience in bodies, against them. Her manipulation on Kane to join the City of Light proves how insane she is. It doesn’t matter what lengths she has to go to get what she wants. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.50.56 PM

What’s most annoying about the A.L.I.E problem, is that we don’t know why she’s doing this. If humans are destroying the world then why not just kill them all? Why create the City of Light? Why create a way to upload everyone’s consciousness to another world? And why take away the pain and emotion that makes them human? Not knowing the reason behind her actions makes it hard to connect with A.L.I.E or even care about the City of Light. As far as I can tell she’s just a bully who wants a way to transcend her digital existence. She doesn’t have to be stuck in one medium when she can have hundreds of thousands.

With only a couple episodes left, A.L.I.E.’s reasons for world domination should’ve been clarified episodes ago. Only then would viewers care for what she’s really doing besides hurting our favs in The 100.

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