‘The 100’ 3×16 Finale Review: Perverse Instantiation Part Two

The 100 “Perverse Instantiation Part Two” marks the death of ALIE, the scourge that has plagued the Grounders and Skaikru for ages, and the start of a new path of our heroes. No longer will they just stand back and let the world fall down around them. No longer will they follow the orders of others or take the easy way out. This is their world. They’re going to survive on their own terms without sacrificing who they are.

Instead of going in and doing a deep review of what stood out in this episode let’s recount the good, the bad, and the ugly of “Perverse Instantiation Part Two.”

The Good

  • For too long Clarke has been hiding behind a wall. She hasn’t accepted her pain or what it means for the kind of person she is now. No longer will she be hiding. This episode marked the start of her taking responsibility for what she’s done and the role she plays with her people. She’s a leader who’s ok with taking nightblood blood to save her people even though it could kill her. That’s a sacrifice few would make and it endears me to her for the first time in ages.
  • The Clexa reunion was a shining moment in the finale. They finally had a moment to talk to each other and express words that they never got a chance to share with each other. Lexa came in like a BAMF, weapons at the ready, to save the person she cared for. Since Clarke had control of the Flame, maybe she called upon someone she knew would protect her, someone she cared for deeply. Lexa was more than ready to answer the call. 
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  • Bellamy accepted what he did and the fact that it was all an error. He lost his way and is committed to working on bettering himself. He confronted the leader that led him down the path of destruction and severed any ties to him. Words can only get him so far but it’s a start to the Bellamy we know and loved from Season 1 & 2.
  • Jasper has emerged from the City of Light and given us the apology that Monty deserves. My brotp shipper heart is breaking and I love it!

The Bad

  • As much as I loved the return of Lexa, it wasn’t enough. I’ll always want more when it comes to Lexa. She deserved more time to develop her story and the history of Polis. Instead, ALIE twisted everything about and made us forget the rich history of the Grounders. The return of Lexa was a reminder that she was killed too soon. With more time her relationship with Clarke could’ve become something more. 
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    • Out of every possible outcome I could’ve thought of…death by lever wasn’t one of them. It was like watching Clarke using the “easy” button. Maybe it was a manifestation of Clarke’s subconscious. Or maybe it was Raven’s ability to manipulate ALIE’s world. We’ll never know because it was vaguely explained in a ploy to make us “believe.” Sorry to tell you this The 100, I didn’t buy it and neither did the audience.

The Ugly

  • There was no way Octavia was going to let go what Pike did to her people and Lincoln. After some coaxing, and maiming, she was able to work with him to fight her enemies. But that only went so far. Pike had to pay for the crimes that he committed against her love. This was the only way that she would be able to move forward. Unlike Clarke, taking this death won’t hit her as hard. She’s a grounder who has accepted “blood must have blood.”

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  • How is it that Clarke was left to decide the fate of the entire human race? If everything that ALIE had to say was true, that means that the City of Light could save them all from the pain of destruction. I love the sentiment of moving forward and dealing with your pain, but did they do that by rejecting ALIE? Especially with this last minute warning of an impending doom? The decision shouldn’t have rested on the shoulders of someone that was unreliable and inconsistent with her decisions.
  • Did we really need to open Ontari’s chest for all to see? Did we have to pump her heart by hand, by someone who had sexual relationships with her just a couple episodes ago? The answer is no. I understand that they’re trying to push the limits but The 100 “Perverse Instantiation: Part Two” has finally pushed me to my limit.

What comes next?

  • Since Jaha wasn’t killed, what a lose, he’ll have to face what he did to his own people. On top of that he’ll have to face the pain he’s been avoiding since the death of his son. He’s fallen to the bottom. Only place to go is up now.
  • Bellamy provided Clarke support during her initial acceptance of the Flame. What comes next is them working on each other, together. Their belief in each other will keep them afloat.
  • The Kabby reunion/talk of my dreams will be coming Season 4.
  • Octavia is going to fully immerse herself in the Grounder lifestyle. She has nothing left that’s stopping her. The support of her brother will be will be key in bringing her back from the brink of losing herself completely.

The 100 will return for a mid-season premiere in 2017.

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