‘The 100’ 3×14 Roundtable: Red Sky at Morning

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Today, we’re breaking down The 100 episode “Red Sky at Morning.” Join us as we discuss our delinquents on Luna’s oil rig home, Monty’s hard decision, and whose going to die next. The obvious choice is A.L.I.E.

Let’s dive right in!


1. Each delinquent had a different experience at Luna’s base. What will they have learned from their time on the oil rig? How will the experience change them?

Lyra, Fangirlish: Here’s hoping that Luna taught them that the road they’re on will lead to their total destruction. (Kinda dark, right? *shrug* It’s true.) Our group is falling apart even though they’re reunited. The only way to truly survive is to find another way. Stop the mindless killing and taking the easy way out.  Try harder and care for your world with your neighbors at your side. That means working with the Grounders, Arkadia. Skaikru are the invaders, not the other way around. 

Lizzie, Fangirlish: Knowing them, absolutely nothing. Yes, I’m bitter. This whole season has been an endless parade of our former faves not learning from their mistakes, why am I supposed to think that this time they actually took the opportunity to learn something? I’m going to go with it’s not going to change them in the least and the show is going to let another opportunity to make something matter just pass them by. Yes.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: For Clarke and Octavia I hope they find a little bit of peace in that way of life. I hope they find a time when they are able to choose peace over violence. I hope Jasper learns that life can still be good, even now, even after everything there are still good things and good people in the world and that’s worth fighting for. And Bellamy, I hope he learns that there’s always another way and that he’s on the road to forgiveness and becoming who we loved so much in Season 2.

Caralynn, Tell-Tale TV: I was actually expecting Octavia and Luna to have a longer conversation about Lincoln that would sort of help Octavia along in her grieving process, but instead the exact opposite basically happened — Luna told Octavia that Lincoln wouldn’t have wanted this, essentially chastising her. I would hope that the group as a whole realizes that, in a way, Luna was right — there must be another way to defeat ALIE, other than resorting to her methods. But who really knows what it’ll come down to.

Jasper speaking with Oil Rig Grounder in Red Sky at Morning.
Pictured: Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick) and Shay (Nesta Cooper)


2. Luna surprised us all by denying Clarke’s request and sending our delinquents packing. Why did she do this? And do you agree with her decision in light of how desperate the A.L.I.E. situation is becoming?

Lyra, Fangirlish: Luna sent our delinquents packing because she’s decided that killing wasn’t for her or her people. How they’ve chosen to lead their lives isn’t optional. It’s a way of life. No amount of ominous threats or actual killing is going to change that. To top it off, Clarke & Co. represent everything that they’ve decided to leave behind. They don’t need that constant reminder walking their halls or leading them down a path of temptation.

With the way that Clarke & Co. have been self destructing to get their way, I’d do the same thing as Luna. This isn’t her battle to fight. Plus, Clarke made things worse by trying to force Luna to take the Flame after she said no. There’s no way I’d help people like that or hear them out. If they did it once they’ll do it again.

Lizzie, Fangirlish: It’s about how they treated Luna, and by extent, her people. They were pushy, bordering on disrespectful. To top it all off, like Lyra said, I think Luna just looked at the road they wanted her to walk through and said: Nope, not my way. Not our way.

Do I think this is the right choice? Considering A.L.I.E, the answer is probably no. This is going to be too big to contain. But I understand why Luna made it nonetheless.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: I completely respect Luna’s decision here. She doesn’t trust these people, they weren’t very tactful about the way they asked her to take the flame and that burden, and they brought death and destruction back into her way of life. So I completely respect her decision to stay out of it, but leaving them with absolutely nothing left me completely frustrated. I was hoping she’d at least give them a blood sample so they could replicate the nightblood serum or teach them as much as she could without taking the flame. As it is the Adventure Squad is no better off than they were two episodes ago, in fact some people are worse off.

Caralynn, Tell-Tale TV: I completely understand Luna’s decision. Clarke and the others went about convincing Luna to take the flame all wrong. The last straw was when Clarke attempted to force the flame on her. Actually, no — that was the next-to-last straw. The last straw was when Luna had to kill her own lover because Clarke & Co. led A.L.I.E. straight to them. In Luna’s eyes, yes, A.L.I.E. is a big threat but she and her people are (or were, at least) untouchable on their oil rig. Luna is a pacifist and her responsibility is to her people, not to Clarke or Clarke’s people or anyone else. She is doing what she believes is right and it’s hard to fault her for it given everything she’s gone through. I actually really admire her tenacity and her determination to stick to her guns above all else.

Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper stare off into the distance after Luna takes them back to land in Red Sky at Morning.
Pictured: Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Octavia (Marie Avgropoulos), and Jasper (Devon Bostick)


3. Monty has killed his mother twice now. Will he spiral like Jasper did after his loss?

Lyra, Fangirlish: Monty watched his best friend self destruct and knows that he can’t afford it now. They’ve all got a part to play in the fight against A.L.I.E. He might not have found his purpose yet, but he’s Raven support and Harper’s companion. They depend on him and will return that support wholeheartedly. Maybe that’ll be enough for now as he works through his grief and helps to annihilate A.L.I.E.

Lizzie, Fangirlish: I don’t think so. Or, if he does, it won’t be as bad as Jasper. I think Monty is stronger than Jasper, and I think he can compartmentalize. He just doesn’t have time to self-destruct, not right now. He’s needed. And sometimes that’s all it takes for you to get over something as bad as what he’s gone through. A reason.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: I don’t think so, not because he’s stronger or because he doesn’t feel the pain as deeply, but because he and Jasper grieve and deal with emotions in different ways. Monty is very pragmatic, so I think in a way similar to Octavia, he’s going to push those emotions down and not truly face them until they’ve won or lost the battle in front of them.

Caralynn, Tell-Tale TV: I doubt it. For one, from a storytelling perspective, there is nothing dramatic or interesting about watching yet another delinquent-spiralling-after-trauma storyline just as soon as we’ve seen Jasper’s come to an (apparent) end. For another, Monty is strong. Like, really strong. And he has Harper by his side. On that note: Please don’t let anything bad happen to Harper!!

Monty contemplating killing his mother again with Raven by his side on The 100's Red Sky at Morning.


4. Someone’s going to die soon. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Give me your top choice and why?

Lyra, Fangirlish: Thelonious Jaha. The obvious choice should be A.L.I.E. but hear me out. It doesn’t matter how ludicrous an idea sounds or if it’s holds no logic/reason, he’ll go for it. As long as it gives him a reason to forget about his son or the pain of his new existence, he’s down for it. Probably took the City of Light A.I. chip without hesitation or thought.

Lizzie, Fangirlish: A.L.I.E, obviously. I want to go with Lyra’s choice, I’d love to – but nope, not even gonna get my hopes up. I want it too much for The 100 to give it to me. This show never, ever gives me what I want.

Samantha, Tale Tell TV: Can I agree with Lyra and Lizzie and say both? I want them both gone. I think it’d be really interesting to see A.L.I.E. become aware of the ways that Jaha has altered and affected her code and take him out before letting Clarke and Raven into the citadel to access the kill switch.

Caralynn, Tell-Tale TV: Ooh, Lyra, I like your answer and hadn’t even thought of that! But now that you’ve mentioned Jaha, I can’t imagine his arc ending any other way. I picture his demise a little differently, though, perhaps a more optimistic version: After everything Jaha has done this season, there’s really no coming back from it. He’s been complicit in so much pain and suffering — psychological, emotional, physical, you name it — that I can’t imagine a redemption for him. Heck, I can picture a Pike redemption more easily than Jaha’s. I see Jaha somehow getting connected from the City of Light and either sacrificing himself to take out A.L.I.E. or just going “down with the ship,” so to speak, voluntarily, when A.L.I.E. is shut down. I actually think A.L.I.E. will just end up being trapped somewhere because I simply don’t see a “final solution” type of end for her. She’s technology, not a person, after all. Maybe they’ll put her behind a firewall?? I don’t really know tech jargon so I’m just basically throwing words out there, haha.

ALIE talking to Jaha in the City of Light during The 100's Red Sky at Morning.


5. A.L.I.E. is hiding something behind all her fancy coding in “Red Sky at Morning.” Besides the Ark, what could it be?! Use a GIF to answer.

Lyra, Fangirlish

Lizzie, Fangirlish:

Samantha, Tale Tell TV

Caralynn, Tell-Tale TV:


What did you think of The 100‘s “Red Sky at Morning?” Do you agree with Luna’s decision? Was Clarke doing what was necessary? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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