‘The 100’ 3×02 Review: Wanheda Part Two

It’s only episode two and we’re already craving for more angst riddled and ugly crying goodness that is The 100. In ‘Wanheda: Part Two’ family finds it’s way back to each other, the glimmer of new enemies emerge, and Lexa reappears *insert deep sigh*. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly that this roller coaster of emotions served up for us!


[lead]The Good – Bellamy Found Clarke[/lead]

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Did your heart almost explode out of your chest when Bellamy caught sight of Clarke? I know mine did! As soon as his eyes laid upon her there was a single minded determination to bring her back for himself, for Clarke, and for Arkadia.

As much as Clarke is lost in the pain she’s feeling, the moment she saw Bellamy she collapsed inwards. Her eyes widened in shock and she was once again that uncertain girl that was sent down to Earth with 100 other teenagers from the Ark. Roan, the Ice Prince, totally ruined this beautiful reunion by knocking Bellamy over and stabbing him. If we lock away and ignore that horrible moment we’re left with two friends who trust each other and understand the pain that has changed them. They see who the other really is inside and they accept it.

Clarke and Bellamy must find each other again. Returning home to all her loved ones is the only way that Clarke will stop just existing and making it day to day. She’ll start living again.

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[lead]The Bad – Pike & the Other Ark Survivors[/lead]

Forget A.L.I.E. and crazy Jaha for a moment. They’re not the threat that we should be worried about. That special place belongs to Pike and the Ark survivors from the Farm Station. Their journey was marred and forever darkened by the loss of their children. This drove them to adapt to the Grounder life and use it against them. They don’t see any good in the people of Earth. Pike looked upon Indra with distrust and if you look back at the previews for Season 3 he believes Octavia is no different from the animals that killed their children. He’s going to lead the Arkadians/Sky People down the path of war instead of making peace. His rage has already taken over the Farm Station. When he returns to Arkadia he will poison it’s people against those who seek to live in peace with the Grounders.

Pike will be the one to put Lincoln in danger just as our favorite Grounder was finding a place among the people of Arkadia. (Who’s up for joining the ‘Protect Lincoln’ team? Bring your own pitchforks!)


[lead]The Ugly – Lexa was behind Clarke’s capture?[/lead]

What did Lexa expect Clarke to do when they met up again? Hugs and kisses? Riveting stories of everything they’ve done in the last three months? No. Clarke spent months tortured by the deaths of Mt. Weather because of Lexa’s betrayal. She’s a different person inside who sees no worth in herself. The Commander is delusional if she thinks all of this will be fixed with a simple ‘I’m sorry.’ In all honesty, her apology will never be enough to adjust the way that Clarke sees the Commander now.

Lexa made things even worse by getting Roan to kidnap her and bring her in by force. Clarke would have listened if asked. Our fearless Wanheda knows that sacrifices must be made when situations get hard. Respect her and she will put her need to kill you to the side.


[lead]Other Observations:[/lead]

  1. Ricky Whittle’s new lead role in Starz’s ‘American Gods’ has led to an explosion of theories. Will he die? Will he be able to film two shows at the same time? What about Linctavia?! *HUG*
  2. Jasper asking when things would get better had us all in tears. Hopefully coming back to Mt. Weather breaks him out of the destructive fog he’s been stuck in. *thinks back to Season 3 preview and remembers Jasper driving that car into Arkadia* I take it back. He’s got plenty of anger to work through.
  3. Jaha and A.L.I.E. who? The technology being thrown our way is confusing and pulls away from what we love about The 100. Give me primitive weapons and leather clad warriors. Forget the City of Light.


[lead]MOMENT OF THE WEEK:[/lead]

Roan’s hair washing skills. He might need to go back to salon school. His technique leaves much to be desired.



[lead]Final Thoughts[/lead]

The Ice Nation is coming and Clarke doesn’t care right now. She isn’t going to bow down to Lexa because she says so. Even when presented with the high stakes to come I think Clarke will surprise us all. She’s going to keep on fighting, flaying, and promising Lexa a swift death.

Are you still warm and fuzzy after the brief Clarke/Bellamy reunion? Still have hope sailing for Linctavia? Worried about Pike and Co.? Leave us your comments and thoughts below!


[lead]Next Week’s Trailer – ‘Ye Who Enter Here’[/lead]

The 100 airs Thursdays on The CW @ 9/8c.

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  1. To be honest. Lexa SAVED Clarkes life. I am sorry but if Roan didn`t capture Clarke, the Ice Nation would have and Clarke would now be dead because of the command of the Ice Queen. So. No. It is not shocking or terrible from Lexa to capture her.

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