5 Life Lessons We Learned From ‘The Boy’ Trailer

“Brahms is a doll. He’s not their real son. He can’t move or cause me harm? He’s not real? Right?”

These questions and more probably ran through Greta Evans (Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead) mind the first time she laid eyes on her charge, Brahms Heelshire, in The Boy. She thought it was an elaborate prank after a desperate attempt to change her life and leave her ghosts where they belong in the United States. Nothing turns out the way she planned when she is given a set of instructions to care for the doll.

Greta follows none of the rules, angering Brahms bit by bit until he breaks. Let’s see if we can learn from Greta’s journey and end up a step ahead!


[lead]It’s Not a Joke, Brahms is a Doll[/lead]

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I know it might seem funny at first but beware. It’s not what it seems. There is more behind that pale porcelain and piercing eyes. If you are not vigilant and follow the rules it could be the end of you.


[lead]Never Take Your Eyes Off Brahms[/lead]

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You’ve seen Chucky before. You know the consequences and the small possibility of the unimaginable becoming real. Don’t take your eyes off Brahms no matter what. Once he moves the hunt is on. But what you don’t know is that the one being hunted is you.


[lead]Don’t Fall Under His Spell[/lead]

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You’ve run away from the horrors of your past into the cold arms of a danger you don’t see. Brahms spell only works because you’re in a weakened state. Stay strong and know that you can survive this and so much more in your life. No man will ever hold you back again!


[lead]It’s Ok To Fall Under the Grocer’s Spell[/lead]

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Not everything is grim in life and it’s ok to start over. Look into the eyes of the funny, gentle, and genuine man in front of you with full knowledge that he is also falling for you. Sometimes things get better, even if it’s with a grocer.


[lead]Film Everything in British Columbia[/lead]

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Don’t despair if you’re running out of possible filming locations. British Columbia is there to welcome you with the spooky house, field, or garden of your choice. Frankly you’d be surprised how many people are making the move as we speak. Best get a spot quick!


Check out the trailer below:

The Boy is available in theaters now!

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