‘The Boy’ Review: A Woman and Her Creepy Doll

The Boy‘ tells the story of an American nanny named Greta (Lauren Cohan) who escapes to the English countryside. What seems like an ordinary job turns into confusion when she finds out her charge is a doll. Yes, you heard right. A doll, named Brahms! She is given a set of rules and is  told to follow them without question. Of course Greta thinks this is a joke and doesn’t head the warnings, ignoring him for great lengths of time. That’s when things take a freaky turn, because of course the doll isn’t so stationary as she initially thought.

Lauren Cohan, known for playing Maggie on The Walking Dead, hits that American accent spot on! Is there any accent this woman can’t do? She’s young, carefree, and has a touch of darkness that makes her wary and attentive. She instantly bonds with Malcolm (Rupert Evans), the grocer that stops by the house weekly. Their bond is light and playful amidst the growing apprehension about Brahms. What I love about their relationship is that it isn’t the central focus. It’s a side story that gives Greta support, understanding, and hope that things can get better. *sigh* I want that in my life.

Despite being presented as a “ghost story” this movie is so much more. It’s a story about a woman’s survival. The hidden mysteries of her past affect her greatly and shape how she deals with Brahms and his wandering habits when left alone. She’s a fighter, who despite being on the receiving end of a seemingly vindictive Brahms…makes it through it all with her wit and ability to maneuver through problems. She’s a person who finds solutions instead of just sitting there and taking it like Mr. & Mrs. Heelshire. Oddly enough Greta and Brahms parents have experienced the same pain and in another life she could’ve ended up like them.

Now Brahms….I’ve never liked dolls. Ever since I saw Chucky it was a no fly zone when it came to doll movies. Then this snuck up on me. They handled Brahms character build up in a subtle and frightening way. There were no sudden close ups or jump scares. It was all about the slow burn where you weren’t sure if the little bastard was moving or it was just a figment of your imagination. Half the time I shared in Greta’s fear that maybe she was losing her mind!

The location only serves to heighten the dread that Greta experiences. Creepy factor always sky rockets if it’s in an old house in the middle of nowhere British country. Top it off with life size paintings of dead boys with their parents and you’ve got frightening and disturbing overload! Brahms’s room is also a perfect example of how to throw people off. It looks quaint and the perfect room for a boy until you start to notice the differences in his toys. They’re old, not used, and clean. Those are markers that the family really has lost it’s mind trying to keep their son with them.


[lead]Should You Watch It?[/lead]

*waves sign* YES! If you like a complicated story that is more than what you see on the surface, WATCH IT! If you like being scared and having to clutch tightly to your partner or random stranger to your left then get off your bottom and WATCH IT! Scary movies with strong women, surprises you don’t see coming, and a lack of cheap jump scares are rare to find. Give this movie a go and you won’t look at ceramic dolls the same way ever again!

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The Boy‘ hits theaters this Friday, January 22!

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