‘The 100’ 3×08 Review: “Terms and Conditions”

Welcome to the The 100‘s Mutiny of Kane! His specialties are: believing in others when they don’t believe in themselves, looking out for the survival of his people, and teaming up with Grounders friends to fight the good fight. (Keyword: friends!)

After last week’s angst filled ending (that is still being felt by fans everywhere) I expected this week’s episode of The 100 to follow the same trajectory. Basically, I expected favorites like Lincoln biting the bullet in ‘Terms and Conditions’. Thankfully that didn’t happen and what we got instead was the culmination of paranoid side glances between Pike and Kane.

Predictably, the mutiny was swiftly cut down and traitors were jailed. The surprising bit came when Kane was sentenced to death. (Don’t hurt him! Kabby still has to happen!) But not all hope is lost. Kane changed things, opened up people’s eyes to what was truly in front of them. Pike won’t be in power long.

Let’s talk about the good, the bad-ass, and the ugly of The 100’s ‘Terms and Conditions.’


The Good: Bellamy’s Eyes Are Open

I don’t understand how a man is able to convey so much emotion with his EYES! (Damn you Bob.) Bellamy went through a transformation because of the mutiny. And I could see it all in those beauties we can eyes.

At first, Bellamy’s eyes shone with anger. He was mad at himself and his people. He chose his side. Why couldn’t those around him see that he was doing all of this to protect them? So he didn’t back down. Under his misguided notions of what was right and what was necessary for survival, he ended up arresting his own people. Bellamy surpassed what we thought he was capable of. He shocked and angered us as a result. It seemed almost unforgivable.

Then Pike started plotting to trick and trap their own people. Bellamy began to understand that they might be going too far with a hesitant glance in between moments. That hunting their own people might be wrong. (Emphasis on the might.) It divided them instead of bringing them together like he’d hoped for. He wasn’t so sure he wanted this anymore. But he stuck to his guns and stopped Kane from leaving Arkadia with Pike. After all he made his decision, right?


Bellamy’s eyes were finally opened when Kane was sentenced to death. He’d come to realize that his own values didn’t match with Pike, they belonged with Kane. The ex-chancellor didn’t hurt him when he had a chance, constantly believed in the good still in him, and did everything to solve their problems with the least amount of violence. Bellamy finally understood that Kane wants them to live, not just survive.

It was a small (yet significant) moment when he denied any knowledge of traitors working with Kane. He knew he needed to make amends for his actions and it started right then and there. All that’s left is to convince others of his change of mind without alerting Pike and throwing Arkadia into chaos. That will be easy, right?

P.S. More examples of Bellamy’s expressive eyes HERE.


The Bad-ass: Kane

The way that our ex-chancellor dealt with Pike spoke volumes about the kind of Arkadia he wants to exist. He doesn’t want their home to be a tactical base or vantage point. He also doesn’t want it to be a place full of hate and narrow minded people who can’t see past their own pain. Instead he wants Arkadia to be a home they can prosper in for decades to come with the help of their neighboring Grounders.


Kane targeted his own people with no intention of them actually getting hurt. He also trusted Grounders and his people to carry out a plan centered on their combined survival. It was all or nothing for Kane. He even believed in Bellamy when no one else would. Over and over he gave him chances, had faith in him, and encouraged him to think for himself. Because let’s be honest, Pike’s followers would have made Bellamy a pancake if the roles were reversed and it was them behind the wheel.

A part of me believes that Kane does all this for the people that weren’t able to make it to Arkadia, especially his mother. He wants to create a place of safety where growth is still possible, in their name. He will do just that. Even if he dies trying.


The Ugly: Raven Waking Up

The most heartbreaking scene of the episode, goes to Raven. Her pain disappeared after accepting the City of Light, leaving her happy, smiling like a loon, and capable of carrying out her duties. She even returned to work like she wanted! Everything was unicorns and rainbows until Jasper made her realize that something was oh so wrong.


A.L.I.E. stole from her. Whatever the AI did made her forget the love she held for Finn, her only family. She stripped Raven’s memory of him, the way he made her feel loved, and the anguish of losing him. It felt like watching a car crash as she struggled to grasp at the fading memories A.L.I.E. had forced her to forget in exchange for no pain. And it took her all but a couple seconds to realize A.L.I.E.’s curious nature, in regard to the 13th station, wasn’t to benefit the people of the City of Light or Arkadia. To no one’s surprise, as soon as she realized something was truly wrong she ran. She’s one of the smartest people in Arkadia for a reason.

Whatever steps Raven takes from now on will be devastating for A.L.I.E.’s plans for destruction. She’ll try to find the A.L.I.E. 2 program to destroy A.L.I.E. 1 and reverse everything she’s done. Raven will also have to decide if she’s up for sacrificing her peace of mind and body for the survival of the human race. The answer seems obvious, but the consistent pain that Raven experienced daily, makes doubt an undeniable factor in her decision making.

Here’s hoping that her sacrifice will be rewarded.


Other Observations:

  1. Jasper helped Raven because part of him is still mad at Monty for not staying by his side. He wanted someone to watch him self destruct. Despite his anger, this was opportunity for him to reminisce on the friendship they had. Maybe they can still have it.
  2. Making a boyfriend bug his loved one? Nope. Not winning any points with that one Pike.
  3. Music featured at the end is “Remains” by Algiers. Seriously check them out! The 100 needs to start naming their music in the same style MTV does!
  4. Don’t think we didn’t catch that Kabby moment where Kane defended Abby to Pike! Another reason why Kane can’t die!


The 100 returns Thursday, March 31st @ 9/8c on The CW.

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