‘The 100’ 6×13 Review – “The Blood of Sanctum”

I don’t know what was more emotional – learning that season seven will be The 100’s last or watching this rollercoaster of a finale.

Personally, I think it is a great decision to end the series after season seven. Most series after multiple seasons tend to lose steam and really decline in quality. The 100 is different with season six being one of their more better seasons. Thankfully, the powers that be aren’t pressing their luck and are ending the series on a high note and on their terms.

It’s a good thing too because seeing how the season finale left it, it’s hard to imagine what more story is left to be told. On one hand, I don’t want to see my favorite characters go. But on the other, the seventh seasons sounds like the perfect point to end the series. Regardless, another season awaits and I am so excited to see just exactly how this all will end.

The season finale did a great job on tying up all the big storylines this season. The way I see it, the finale was broken up into three parts: the fight in space, the fight in Sanctum, and the aftermath. So that’s exactly how I’m going to break it all down in my final review for season six.


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When all else fails, there are always other planets to flee to according to Russell.

With the upper hand, Russell and Simone take over the mothership as part of their plan to fly to Planet Beta. If that fails, they will just hop from planet to planet to try to fix everything. However, their plan soon falls apart when Clarke (who is still pretending to be Josephine) refuses to play a part in another genocide.

It’s when Clarke comes to play that things really ramp up. This is also when we get to see Abby die all over again. While I know she really died in the previous episode, actually watching her be sucked out into space really solidified her death. And it completely broke Clarke who practically just watched her die all over again.

Meanwhile, while Clarke was off killing a bunch of Sanctum people and pissing Russell off, Raven is on the cusp of finally riding Madi of Sheidheda. Apparently, Raven can download the past commanders of the flame, isolate Sheidheda, and erase him completely from Madi’s mind. But, as I mentioned previously, Clarke really pissed of Russell and so he stops Raven before she is able to complete the process.

That leaves us with a very dangerous alliance. Sheidheda and Russell team up and creates an army by waking up all of Wonkru. And just when you thought it was game over, Clarke once again puts herself on the line. In an effort to bring Madi back, Clarke gives her an ultimatum – watch her die or come back to her.

I must admit, watching Clarke practically beg for Madi really got me emotional. Not only has Clarke been fighting for her mind and body all season long, but once she won that fight, she finds that her mother was murdered. And Clarke seriously cannot catch a break because now she is being faced with the death of her own daughter.

But in a stroke of light amid all the darkness, Madi manages to pull through and give Raven the opportunity to finally able to get rid of Sheidheda. Alas, Sheidheda and Russell along his evil minions are defeated – at least in space.


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Things are even more of a mess back on Sanctum if you can believe it.

It is as though Russell dropped a bomb to make everyone go insane and then just left. Oh wait, he did just that. And now Bellamy, Echo, and Octavia are literally backed into a corner trying to stay alive.

Fortunately, they don’t die in that awfully confined storage container. Instead, Prime followers drug and take them to one of their purifying rituals where their option is either to get your throat slit or believe in the sanctity of the Primes. But just as Octavia is about to make her decision, Murphy and Emori stroll in, ready to save the day.

I feel as though each episode you never know what Murphy is going to do or what side he is on. Luckily, he comes in with the intention of saving all of his friends and he does just that. He even got a nice kiss in the middle of it all.

While the band is back together, they are still trapped in Sanctum where everyone there wants to see them dead. They manage to run to the palace and reconnect with Gabriel as well as Jordan. While he looks to have survived his stabbing, it appears he is in a whole other world of danger as he looks to be in the middle of the Primes’ purification ritual. Even though the ritual was interrupted, I have a big feeling that we will see the ramifications of it in the next season.

Despite being somewhat safe in the palace, they decide to make the bold move of trying to save everyone in Sanctum with a little nudge from Octavia. It’s at that moment when Bellamy finally recognizes that Octavia is his sister and that she is more than just Blodrenia. A long time coming if I do say so myself.

And other than a woman burning herself alive, they do manage to save the people of Sanctum. I guess, doing good really leads to good outcomes.


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It’s the final minutes of the episode in which those who fought on the ground and those who fought in space come together.

Some had happier reunions like Bellamy and Clarke – shedding tears and embracing in a very sweet hug. But others, not so much. Jordan wasn’t all too thrilled in seeing the carnage outside the palace and even went as far as to lay the blame on Bellamy and everyone from earth. I think whatever happened to him after he got stabbed really did a number on him. You think Jordan of all people would be able to recognize that even though Sanctum seemed peaceful before they got there, it really wasn’t peace. It makes me nervous for season seven and makes me wonder if Monty’s son is going to be the unsuspecting villain our heroes will have to face in their final run.

While that is uncertain, one thing we know will play a huge part in the final season is the anomaly.

I swear, these people must have never heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” because they really can’t let things lie. They could actually have some sort of peace and stability after everything, but yet they find the need to go poke around in something they don’t know the repercussions of. Because of this, they have awoken the anomaly and along with it a fresh new face.

Only this face isn’t new to everyone. You know how Gabriel kept mentioning to Octavia that she spent more time in the anomaly than she thought she did? Well, she’s not the only one. Diyoza’s daughter, Hope, emerges from the anomaly much older than she should be. In less than a minute, Octavia is not only stabbed by Hope but is also swept away by the anomaly.

We now go into season seven not knowing the fate of Octavia and without any idea of what exactly the future holds for everyone. I have high expectations for season seven, not just because it has to follow what has been an amazing sixth season, but because it will be the final chapter.

There is nothing I want more than for everyone to find happiness after everything they have endured. But, I also know that this is The 100, and peace seems to always be just out of reach for everyone.

How do you think The 100 will end? Let us know in the comments below!

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