What’re You Reading: Octavia Blake from ‘The 100’

Fangirlish writers adore their fictional characters. We all have our favorites from a variety of television shows especially. So in a fit of genius or insanity because we are all fannishly busy stressing over making sure readers have preview guides, recaps and a multitude of opinions on these television universes; now we’re going to combine our passion for reading with fangirling TV — by figuring out what our favorite characters would be reading and why you should be reading those books. Not only that, Fangirlish created a Goodreads account and we will be opening up the discussion there and taking suggestions for which fictional persons you would like bookishly profiled.

Octavia Blake from The CW’s The 100 is a BAMF. From day one there was something different about her, a curiosity and anger that blossomed once she met Lincoln. Under his guidance she met people that challenged her to be more and believed in her fighting spirit In no time she was a Grounder. No one defined her or would help her survive but herself.

So, what does a woman like Octavia read? What are the books that forged her mind during her seclusion from the rest of the Ark population? What are the tales that kept her sane every moment she had to hide under those floor boards? Here are my best attempts at answering that exact question:


  1. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. For obvious reasons, this is number one. For the first time in her life she has experienced the loss of a lover. Lincoln helped her discover the woman hiding underneath it all. She will need this to get past it all.
  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Family, mystery, and sibling bonding. This would be the kind of book that young Bellamy would read to his little sister every single night, curled up under a blanket, with only a small flashlight to light the words on the page. When Bellamy and her mother would go off to work this would keep her entertained during the long hours of the day.
  3. SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea by John Wiseman. Our girl is a badass, no denying that, but everyone needs a little help every once in awhile. Since she’s chosen her side, and that involves a lot of outdoors time, a guide on how to survive in the wild is more important than any other.
  4. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. An unwanted girl who finds a home in the most unexpected of ways. Octavia would have loved Anne’s relationship with the outdoors as it’s something she always dreamed of on the Ark.
  5. Defiance by C.J. Redwine. I’ve got a feeling Octavia would love a tale about a young girl who ignores comformity and opts for learning how to track, hunt, and take care of herself. It would be the perfect escape. Plus who doesn’t love a little fantasy!


Agree? Disagree? Have any other books you think our warrior would be reading? Join us on Goodreads as we discuss this exact thing. And, of course, check out our member page and be sure to let us know what character you want to see profiled next!

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