Chuku Modu Promoted To Series Regular For Final Season of ‘The 100’

My Mom taught me when I was young that everything happens for a reason and everything has an ending.

These are things that I learned early in life. But you know, just because I learned them, doesn’t mean I like or agree or want to acknowledge.

I feel like The 100 got good again just because it was coming to an end. So it was like, hey here’s the shit you missed for a few seasons, but haha, you don’t get to enjoy it for much longer.

What can I say? I am bitter.

But does that mean I am not looking forward to the final season? Come on now, you know better. However, if it turns out like Lost and this was all a dream, don’t give it to me.

Chuku Modu, who joined the sixth season of the CW’s The 100 as a recurring character, has been upped to a series regular for the final season. No one is shocked by this news as Dr. Gabriel Santiago, aka Xavier, was a pivotal part of the last season.

Also – I have a feeling he’s going to be important in bringing Octavia back from where ever she is.

We all know that Xavier is obsessed with the anomaly – which is part of the reason I think that he’s going to be the one to bring Octavia back from it.

Modu appeared in 10 episodes in Season 6.

Are you shocked that he’s a regular for the final season?

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