Everything We Want to See Happen in the Final Season of ‘The 100’

After 100 episodes, The CW’s The 100 will finally be coming to a close.

It’s been one hell of a journey. A lot of people died, new civilizations were discovered, and one of the greatest and most tragic romances in television happened (RIP Lexa).

There are a lot of things I want to see happen in the final season which premieres next week. I have grown to love so many characters in this series. I have become attached to their stories and want nothing more than for them to find happiness.

But, this is The 100, and happiness comes few and far between. However, I can still dream and have desires for how I hope the final season plays out. With a week away from the season seven premiere, here are five things I want to see happen in the final season of The 100.


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If you asked me a year ago whether I wanted Bellarke to be endgame, I would’ve laughed. But season six changed a lot of things for me. While I knew Bellamy and Clarke cared deeply for each other, I finally saw it on more than just a platonic level.

The depths Bellamy went to save Clarke from being lost to the clutches of Josephine proved to me that Bellamy truly loves Clarke. There wasn’t one person – not even his girlfriend, Echo – that he cared about more in the world.

If they don’t end up together romantically, I won’t be so upset. However, it will make me think that the writers missed the opportunity to perfect one of the best slow-burn romances. Bellamy and Clarke are like the Mulder and Scully of The CW. Mulder and Scully spent years denying their attraction and feelings towards one another. But all of that wasn’t for nothing as they finally admitted their feelings and got together in the end.

Bellamy and Clarke deserve just as much. Otherwise, those stolen glances would seem like a big waste of time.

Octavia’s Redemption

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Ever since Blodreina was introduced, I’ve been torn on how I feel about Octavia.

She’s one of the most complex characters on the show and has had a tremendous amount of growth since we first met her in the pilot. But part of me thinks that Blodreina took all that growth and ruined it.

That may be a little harsh seeing as how almost every character in The 100 has made terrible decisions. But I’m not the only one giving Octavia the cold shoulder as Bellamy spent the entirety of season six acting like he never had a sister.

With that being said, one of the things I want most is for the Blake siblings to reconcile. I want Bellamy to finally forgive his sister and remember the wise phrase, “my sister, my responsibility.”

I’m over the hypocrisy of Bellamy being okay with everyone except Octavia. Everyone has made mistakes that lead to people dying. There is no reason why Bellamy is fine with Clarke yet not his own sister. It’s also not as if Octavia doesn’t feel remorse for what she’s done and isn’t trying to make up for it. She is and it’s about time Bellamy realizes that before it’s too late.


Raven Deserves the World

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – Raven Reyes is the true MVP of The 100.

Ever since we met the mechanic, she has done nothing but remain selfless and save everyone’s asses time and time again. If there is anyone that deserves to have a happy ending it’s her.

Don’t get me wrong – I want everyone to have a happy ending. But if anyone full-heartedly deserves it it’s Raven. She has dealt with more loss and pain than anyone should be given in one lifetime. She risked her life to save her boyfriend that was cheating on her, got shot, and lost happiness the second it was given to her with Shaw.

Seriously, Raven can’t catch a break.

Her story is filled with tragedy. I wish I could fly her away to her own moon where she can live happily ever after. But Raven, unfortunately, keeps getting sucked into the death and destruction that seems to follow those from Earth. Maybe at the end of the series, she’ll finally get that well-earned vacation.


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This is definitely a shot in the dark, but ever since it was confirmed that Madi could speak to Lexa with the flame inside her, I have hoped for some sort of Clexa reunion.


I also follow a Lexa stan account on Twitter so occasionally I see glimmers of hope that Alycia Debnam-Carey will reprise her role one final time in the final season. Completely far-fetched especially considering she has her own show, but a girl can dream.

If you’ve seen The Good Wife, you’ll know exactly what kind of scene I would like between Clarke and Lexa.

One of the highlights of The Good Wife was watching the love story between Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner unfold. However, their love story was cut short after Will died midway through the fifth season. Alicia tried to move on, but it wasn’t until the series final in which she finally got the closure she needed.

Josh Charles reprised his role of Will in the final episode which allowed for Alicia to “talk” to him one last time. She was able to tell him that she will always love him but that she needed to let go. That’s exactly what I want to see happen between Lexa and Clarke.

Clarke will always love Lexa, no matter who she ends up with. Every season since her death, we are reminded just how deep that love was. And if I can have one more scene with these two together, I will forever be grateful.

Can Everyone Survive, Please?

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I’m not naive. I know there are going to be major deaths in the final season.

But this is an article on what I want not what I expect to happen. While I expect people to die, I don’t particularly want to see that happen especially as I’ve spent the past six years getting to know every character. To see one of their lives cut short would be heartbreaking.

 If I had to put money on who’s not making it out of season seven alive, I’d put it on Octavia. She’s been very controversial lately and I can totally see her sacrificing herself to save her brother in one last gesture to get him to forgive her.

Despite my opinions on Octavia and her reign as Blodreina, I don’t want to see her story end abruptly. She’s basically lost everyone she’s ever cared about and deserves a happy ending. While I believe her true happy ending involves Lincoln, I still think it’s possible in some capacity.

All I’m saying is – please don’t kill Octavia in an attempt to advance Bellamy. She’s proven she’s worth more than that.

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The 100 has and will always be one of my favorite shows of all time. No matter what happens in the final season – good or bad – I will always speak highly of the show.

There’s a lot of choices to be made when carving out a final season. I don’t expect it to be perfect, but I do expect it to be satisfying. Please let at least two of my wants come to fruition!

The final season of The 100 premieres on Wednesday, May 20th on The CW.

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