‘Legacies’ SDCC Interview: Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant on the Merge & More

One of the biggest discoveries of the premiere season of Legacies was when Josie and Lizzie learned about the Merge, which would result in one of them absorbing the power and killing the other at the age of 22. When we sat down with Jenny Boyd (Lizzie Saltzman) and Kaylee Bryant (Josie Saltzman) at San Diego Comic-Con, they gave us a sneak peek at what that revelation will mean for the twins moving forward into the second season. 

While Kaylee said that Josie is “digging a lot,” Lizzie is more preoccupied with other things, like maybe a new love interest. However, Jenny Boyd assured us that Lizzie’s “on board” in trying to figure out what the Merge may mean for them. Since their father Alaric Saltzman was honest with them about certain aspects of the Merge last season, maybe some of the twins’ actions this season could be in retaliation to what they know is coming. Maybe we will see the twins team up as a detective duo this season. Let’s hope they don’t dig too deep into the past of their uncle Kai Parker. Even though we have been wishing for a Kai cameo for quite some time, we don’t like what his visit could mean for the twins. 

One of our favorite things about Legacies is the way it is able to tell such true and honest stories about teenagers in a world of heightened stakes and headless horsemen. Even though they may be fighting big bads every week as the Super Squad, these characters are also fighting personal battles. Lizzie’s mental health is one of those personal battles we hoped to see discussed more in the show’s future, since it is still so rare to see characters on TV discussing their mental health honestly and openly. 

Lucky for us, Jenny Boyd gave us the scoop. Jenny said, “We’re definitely touching on that a lot in the first few episodes in a really interesting way.” It looks like we won’t have to wait to long into the new season to see how Lizzie is doing. Jenny went on, “We’re delving deeper into that. The writers and I have had a few conversations about it.” We are looking forward to seeing how those conversations may manifest into representation on screen. 

As for Josie, Kaylee Bryant clued us in on how Josie’s “…a lot more conscious of her codependency this season.” Josie will speak up more and it seems like Hope’s absence has a lot to do with that. Since much of Lizzie’s jealousy revolved around Hope’s relationship with Alaric and those memories were erased when Hope dove into Malivore, Hope’s absence shifted the dynamic between the twins and their father. It has allowed Lizzie to take a step back and Josie to take a step in. Kaylee said this shift gives Josie an opportunity “…to voice her on things that he’s (Alaric) done and things he’s going to do with their relationship.” We could not be more excited to see a new side of Josie Saltzman in season two. 

That wasn’t all Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant discussed in our interview at SDCC. We talked about love interests, a potential appearance from their mother Caroline Forbes, Hosie, what the Salvatore School looks like on summer break, and more.

Watch our interview with Boyd and Bryant below!

Legacies returns Thursday, October 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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