‘Supergirl’ SDCC Interview: Chyler Leigh & Azie Tesfai talk development of Alex/Kelly relationship

Television doesn’t always handle relationships in the best way. Sometimes, it’s good. Sometimes, it’s bad. Sometimes, it’s so bad that it can ruin a show.
But when it comes to Supergirl‘s Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen, the latter is certainly not the case.
When we last left Alex and Kelly, the two shared a kiss in the season finale that set up romance for season 5. Now, we’re going to see exactly what lies in store for these two. And there’s no rush.
“This is all about taking things one step at a time,” Chyler Leigh told us at Comic-Con, “and not trying to just dive face first into something that could be like crisis/emotionally driven.”
Which means that we’ll get to see their relationship develop from the start. How refreshing for television!
Watch our interview with Chyler Leigh and Azie Tesfai below:

Supergirl returns Oct. 6 on The CW.

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