Legends of Tomorrow SDCC 2016 Interview: Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim

Last season DC’s Legends of Tomorrow introduced us to a new kind of DC Comics show on The CW – one ripe with a mixture of heroes and villains that lived in the fun of the universe. But while it was fun and those dynamics between the characters palpable, Legends faced its share of issues as it fell victim to its own concept.

“We went into season two with the idea that season one was good, it wasn’t great,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told us during a roundtable interview at SDCC. “We found our hands tied a lot by our own concept. The fact that you’ve got Vandal Savage for 16 episodes, you know for 15 of those episodes you can’t catch him…This year we were able to free ourselves up from all of that.”

As Legends of Tomorrow heads into its second season the show will be introducing the world’s first superhero team, the Justice Society of America. Guggenheim couldn’t reveal much as you might’ve guessed, but he did give us a couple of teases of what we can expect when our Legends come into contact with the Justice Society of America.

“We begin in a traditional comic book way, which is if you’ve got more than one superhero occupying the same space at any one time they have to start fighting,” Guggenheim said. “That’s what happens. And it’s pretty epic.”

One of the exciting things about these two superhero teams coming face-to-face is the stark contrast between the two.

“It’s so much fun because we’re really playing into the idea that the JSA they’re the world’s first superhero team, they’re comic books first superhero team,” Guggenheim continued. “They turn sharp corners, they do everything by the book, they’re confident, they’re practiced, they’re professional. And then you have the Legends of Tomorrow who are none of those. It’s so much fun to play the contrast between the two.”

Watch our interview with Guggenheim below where he discusses the new members to the Legends team, the use of DC characters, the mega crossover and more.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season two premieres Thursday, Oct. 13 at 8/7c on The CW.

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