The 100 SDCC 2016 Interview: Christopher Larkin

Out of all the storylines we saw develop this past year on The 100, Monty Green’s has been the most anticipated and rewarding to watch. He was no longer a side kick to the rest our delinquents, but a man on a journey of his own. We caught up with Christopher Larkin, who plays our dear Monty, at San Diego Comic Con to talk this journey, his characters growth, and how his relationship with Jasper has changed.

The rift between Monty and Jasper was something that both actors welcomed at first. For too long they’d been the comedic relief on The 100 and this was a chance to branch out and show that they were so much more. But by the end of the season they were ready to hug it out. “By the end of the season we were really happy to at least have some hope together and be laughing together.”

He continued on by saying that they welcomed episode 4 of season 3 titled “Watch the Thrones.” In this episode Monty reached the end of his tether as Jasper spiralled out of control in front of the campfire. It was the first real blow out between these two friends. “It was nice. Devon and I get to stretch and try to explore new territory in the friendship. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows. It’s nice to explore a dark side on a very dark show.”

The collapse of Monty’s relationship with Jasper wasn’t the only loss he suffered this season. He killed his mother, not once, but twice. And after such trauma you’d expect him to buckle and give up, but Monty didn’t. He kept fighting.

Larkin teased that, “Monty is a rock. He is the rock of the show.” And he might of laughed it off and acted like he was jesting, but it’s true. He is a rock on this show, for himself, and his friends. Monty had to find a way to survive because these few people were at the core of his heart. If he wasn’t strong enough to support them, they wouldn’t make it, and he in turn wouldn’t either. “It’s all about finding light in seemingly impossible situations.”

To hear Christopher Larkin talk about Monty’s first romance, killing his mom twice, and betting on when she’d die with the actress, check out the rest of the interview below:

The 100 Season 4 returns Mid-season 2017 on The CW.

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