Clarke Griffin, at long last, is back! Buried deep down in her subconscious, chock-full of all her memories and demons, is our favorite blonde leader. Never thought I would say this but, thank you Alie! It seems as though we have been building up to this episode all season andRead More →


Out of all the storylines we saw develop this past year on The 100, Monty Green’s has been the most anticipated and rewarding to watch. He was no longer a side kick to the rest our delinquents, but a man on a journey of his own. We caught up with ChristopherRead More →

Every show needs comedic relief. It’s what keeps us going after blow after blow of pain, death, and misery. And for two seasons Christopher Larkin’s character Monty on The 100 has been that for us. The only problem with being the comedic relief is that his scenes were few and theyRead More →

War is brewing in the latest trailer for The 100. For the Sky People it’s internal conflict between those who want to keep peace (Kane) and those who threaten it (Jaha and his lackey John Murphy.) Everyone’s on the hunt for Clarke and we get another brief glimpse of newRead More →