The panel schedule for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is now live. While you strategize to snag the best seats or find the best exclusives, please consider making a little time to become a hero yourself by giving blood at the annual Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive. Since 1977, SDCCRead More →

I’ll be honest; Bane has never really interested me as a Batman villain. “I Am Bane” did not change that. The title character was far less interesting than the woman holding his leash, and her vendetta against Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean. Bane felt like a plot device to executeRead More →

“Trampoline” wraps up Season Two of The Good Doctor with happy endings for just about everyone. Shaun has his job back and gets a date. Aaron is cancer-free and engaged. Dr. Han is out, and it looks like Lim will replace him as chief of surgery. All good stuff, evenRead More →

“The Trial Of Jim Gordon” marks Erin Richards’ debut as a director, with a script written by Ben McKenzie. They created pure gold. The episode is loaded with so many of the things I love about Gotham: Favorite characters and heartfelt conversations, mixed with life-threatening crises. It was a little lessRead More →

Does anyone have a spare helicopter I can use? I need to drop it onto an arrogant doctor. In “Breakdown,” Shaun finally reaches his breaking point over his exile to Pathology. And if you thought you’d already seen Dr. Han at his worst, think again. A Medical Machiavelli I canRead More →

“Nothing’s Shocking” is a title that makes me think, “Yeah? This is Gotham. What else is new?” And to be honest, there really isn’t anything shocking about this episode. Except maybe the sheer volume of blood spatter — more than we’ve seen in a while. Maybe it was an attemptRead More →

Faith is the running theme of “Believe.” Different characters face tests of faith, not only of the religious kind, but also faith in themselves and in others. These kinds of faith journeys can make us stronger and wiser. They can also reveal some of our greatest flaws. Believe In YourselfRead More →

“Ace Chemicals” is loaded with chemistry. There’s the sizzling kind between fan-favorite couples, the soothing kind between friends who have become family, plus the explosive kind between deadly enemies. And then there was the big explosion that leveled Wayne Manor! Continuing their “pull out all the stops” approach for thisRead More →

Before watching “Risk and Reward” here on the west coast, I’d seen just enough in social media to have tissues at the ready. I didn’t expect that what I’d really need was my husband’s punching bag! Yes, I was moved by the struggle to save Persephone, a baby with multipleRead More →

A lot happens in “13 Stitches.” There are surprising teamups, big revelations and a long-awaited return. Directed by series star Ben McKenzie, the episode sets the stage for Gotham’s remaining seven episodes. We start to see why the GCPD teamed up with some of its worst adversaries in the seasonRead More →

No new episode of The Good Doctor tonight, so instead, we’ll take a look back at last Monday’s “Faces.” For the most part it’s an excellent episode, with the character relationships and the cathartic moments we expect every week. But what was intended to be a leaven in an otherwiseRead More →

Fans of the weekly medical drama can rejoice! ABC has renewed The Good Doctor for a third season! Here’s how the show broke the good news on Twitter: And the cast joined the celebration! The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a surgical resident with autism. The castRead More →

“Pena Dura” is one of the best Gotham episodes we’ve seen. We get the answer to a mystery, some wonderful character interactions and a setup to the rest of the season. Along with Gotham’s usual side of insanity! Solving The Riddle We finally have the answer to what’s going onRead More →

According to Wikipedia, “In Chinese philosophy, xin can refer to one’s ‘disposition’ or ‘feelings…’ or to one’s confidence or trust in something or someone… Literally, xin refers to the physical heart, though it is sometimes translated as ‘mind’ as the ancient Chinese believed the heart was the center of humanRead More →

Well, that was quick! “Ruin” brought us the long-awaited return of Jeremiah, but he didn’t get to stick around long. Selina succeeds in her quest for revenge. But you know the drill. This is Gotham. Better check for a pulse! “Ruin” mixes solid procedural with the insanity we expect fromRead More →

“Aftermath” is a cooling-off episode after the crucible of “Quarantine.” Things are changing. It will take a little time to determine just where they will settle, but we’re already seeing new relationships and potential upheavals. The Relationships Shaun & Lea: Aaron still doesn’t quite trust Lea. He keeps trying toRead More →

This episode of Gotham gives us Penguin as a hero, Selina transforming into a villain, and a much lighter Jim Gordon than we’ve seen – ever. We also get some lovely BatCat moments and a nifty tribute to the Frank Miller Batman, plus  the usual mayhem and a shocker ofRead More →

“Quarantine Part Two” picks up exactly where The Good Doctor left us in December: A so-far fatal virus has the ER quarantined. The people stuck in the quarantine include a bone marrow donor, a pregnant woman, and Dr. Park’s son, who’s having a severe asthma attack. Dr. Lim has theRead More →

“Trespassers” gives us more of the weirdness we love in Gotham, while advancing the stories of two of Batman’s future adversaries. We also get more of Jim Gordon’s heroism, Harvey Bullock’s faithful support and Barbara Kean’s quest for revenge against the Penguin. We don’t get any Penguin in this episode,Read More →

Tonight, Candice Bergen could bring home her third Golden Globe award for her title role in Murphy Brown. It’s a nice tip of the hat to a revival that had some brilliant moments, but didn’t quite live up to the promise of its past. Overall Impression Fans of the originalRead More →

“Year Zero” is one hell of a start to Gotham’s final season. It’s a perfect mix of everything we love about the show. We get some mysteries (the main one in the opening flash-forward sequence), plus the emotional ties between the characters, the machinations of the villains, and the dedicationRead More →