“Tough Titmouse” is an odd title for an episode of a medical drama. It sent me to Google, where I learned that a titmouse is a North American songbird, but not one found in San Jose, where The Good Doctor is set. And nothing I found in my quick GoogleRead More →

The saddest thing about the #MeToo movement is the vast number of us who can say those words. In “#MurphyToo,” Murphy Brown joins that army of women… and men… who have been victims of those more powerful than us. I say “us” because… #MeToo. Although perhaps I should put thatRead More →

Coming on the heels of the Kavanaugh confirmation, “36 Hours” resonates in a way the writers could never have anticipated. This episode reflects on how men treat women, how women treat women… and how women treat men, as well. How Men Treat Women Two episodes ago, Dr. Andrews told ClaireRead More →

Jake McDorman’s Avery Brown is quickly becoming my favorite part of the Murphy Brown revival. His episode-closing scene with Candice Bergen’s Murphy made up for some early flat notes. It’s not that they didn’t try. But many of the lines felt like Miles’ attempted joke about breaking in to hisRead More →

There is truth, there are lies, and then there is the middle ground. Most of us know how to navigate between these places, when to tell the absolute truth, when to tell a comforting or protective lie, and when we need to say something from that wide space in theRead More →

There is nothing fake about my joy in seeing Murphy Brown back on my TV. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this revival for months, and the premiere did not disappoint. From the opening montage of the 2016 presidential campaign (over a soundtrack of “Sympathy For The Devil”) to the best secretarialRead More →

“Hello” may be the title of The Good Doctor’s Season 2 premiere. But this episode, written by star Freddie Highmore, is really about how we handle goodbyes. Highmore’s Dr. Shaun Murphy faces an actual goodbye and a possible one. The first, he can handle. His colleague Jared is leaving SanRead More →

We were already eagerly anticipating the return of Murphy Brown to our TV sets. Now CBS is exciting us even more with the news that next week’s premiere will get an extra five minutes! That’s five more minutes to get re-acquainted with the team. It’s five more minutes to meetRead More →

Let’s get this out of the way first: SUPERMAN DIES. I’m not afraid to give you this spoiler because it’s IN THE TITLE. The story has been around since the publication of the “Death of Superman” comic series in 1992. It was a MAJOR plot point of Justice League. And,Read More →

“Who Are You?” is supposed to invoke questions about the work done by Quantico’s black ops team, and what that work does to each individual. Instead, the title of this series finale evoked this question for me: “Who are you, and what have you done with Quantico?” It was aRead More →

“Ghosts” gets off to a great start, and through most of the episode I enjoyed the twists and turns engineered by nemesis Conor Devlin. I’ve said before that this season of Quantico reminds me in a lot of ways of the old spy shows I used to watch in summerRead More →

Quantico is barrelling toward its series finale, and “The Art of War” is one of the better entries of the season. The episode has few surprises, but there is some nifty procedural work, a very different take on a shootout and some character building that’s been missing. To wind downRead More →

“Home is where the heart is.” “There’s no place like home.” “Home is the place where, when you have to go there/They have to take you in.” “Home” is a concept that looms large for all of us, whether good or bad. It might be a safe haven, or perhapsRead More →

“Feargach” means “anger” in Irish, and this episode sets the Quantico team up as targets for a vendetta.  It also features a mixed bag of emotional development. The Caper Of The Week Shelby is set to testify before a U.N. commission on Syria, along with several Syrian witnesses – mostRead More →

I’ve said before that Gotham is not and never will be Mayberry. It’s no shining city on a hill. It’s an urban hellscape, a waking nightmare, a long tall glass of absinthe with an LSD chaser. But it’s still the setting of my DCTV happy place. While a few episodesRead More →

Here’s our weekly roundup of casting news from around the web the past week. Empire: Deadline reports that Nicole Ari Parker has been promoted to a series regular for the Fox show’s fifth season. The report says her character Giselle will step from her ex’s shadow to try to takeRead More →

There’s a TV critic “wisdom” that a shorter season makes for better individual episodes. But this episode of Quantico is an example of why “wisdom” sometimes isn’t so wise. I had to watch “Deep Cover” twice in order to review it. It just didn’t do a good job of holdingRead More →

Production is starting to ramp up for new and returning series this fall. We’ve rounded up some  of the casting & renewal announcements made over the past week. Legends of Tomorrow: Courtney Ford will return as a regular for the time-traveling superhero teamup show, playing Nora Darhk – last seenRead More →