‘The 100’ SDCC 2017 Interviews: Christopher Larkin & Richard Harmon

We’re back to orgies in space. Bob Morley brought it up first, but Richard Harmon and Christopher Larkin just couldn’t let it go – and to be honest, neither can we. It’s been six years. Weird things were bound to happen.

They clearly believe it too, as there was this exchange at one point in the video below:

“You think Murphy and Monty have been in an orgy?”


“With who?”

“You read episode one…”

We’re not going to spoil who says what. But, Larkin also teased, orgies aside, that for his character it all goes back to “losing Jasper,” which is a big thing not just for Monty for for him as an actor, as they’ve been friends for four years on-screen and off-screen.

As for Harmon, he seemed really excited to explore to Raven/Murphy relationship and teased that “there’s a lot of fire between them and I don’t think that’s gone away in 6 years.”

He also teased that Murphy was probably a little bored after six years, and ominously offered that “everyone’s gotta progress or they’ve got to regress,” when asked about Murphy had changed, so there’s probably a lot of interesting stuff coming.

Check out our interview with Christopher Larkin (ft. Richard Harmon, because these two really love each other):

And check out our interview with Richard Harmon (ft. Christopher Larkin’s backpack, because …reasons):

And when you’re done, share your hopes and dreams for Season 5 of The 100 in the comments below!

The 100 returns to The CW in 2018.

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