‘The 100’ SDCC 2017 Interviews: Bob Morley

Orgies in space. No, really, orgies in space. That’s what Bob Morley from The 100 teased when we had a chance to talk to him during San Diego Comic Con. It’s not the only thing he teased, of course, but when someone brings up orgies in space you tend to fixate on that, don’t you?

Because orgies. In space.

We think he was probably joking – sadly, but still, the notion is out there and hey, even if it doesn’t come to life, it’s still fun to think that actors are coming up with the same absurd scenarios we are, especially considering the unusually long time-jump the 100 is giving us and the fact that we’ll start next season in a completely different place, not just plot-wise, but character-wise.

As for what’s coming next for Bellamy, even Bob confessed he was “still trying to figure out what he’s become,” while also teasing that “he’s learned from Clarke the head in the heart stuff and he’s become a bit of  a better leader, a more well-rounded leader,” which, we have to say, bodes well for the future of these people, and the show in general.

Plus, Bob promised that next season, Bellamy has “teamed up with Raven and she’s like his second in charge now,” which, we gotta admit, is a dynamic we’re dying to explore.

Watch our interview with Bob Morley below, and see him bring up the orgies, as well as discuss more serious things like Bellamy being one hundred percent sure that Clarke is dead. We wonder what that reunion will be like.

Season 5 can’t come soon enough!

The 100 returns to The CW in 2018.

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