'Doctor Who' 12x02 Review: Spyfall - Part One

‘Doctor Who’ 12×01 Review: Spyfall – Part One

Doctor Who returned for it’s twelfth season in the explosion premiere episode titled “Spyfall-Part One.” And oh does this episode title deliver on the spies, on the falls, and on the action. Not only do the Doctor and her fam experience a new mystery with new aliens, Yaz’s will is tested, and we’re introduced to the latest version of the Master who was sadly enough a bit of a let down.

Jodie Whittaker is Our Doctor

Last season it took me all of the season to finally claim Jodie Whittaker as my Doctor. Her acting was spot on, no doubt about that, but the pacing, the feeling of it all, was odd and I couldn’t connect with it as much as I wanted to. It’s a completely different situation this time around. This is my Doctor and Jodie Whittaker has finally settled herself into the role of a lifetime.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been hurt by Doctor Who before. Characters that were mine, looking at you Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, let me down and made me hate the Doctor in a way never thought possible. And yes, I’m a little scared at what’s to come. But with Jodie, the fears have been conquered and destroyed.

Jodie Whittaker understands the body, mind, and soul that is required to bring to life the Doctor. And if she can do it, whose to say that the next Doctor won’t be a woman as well? Oh, maybe even a woman of color. Whatever is coming next for this immensely popular show, I’m here for the ride as I can feel change coming from every which way.

The New Master is Kind of a Letdown

This isn’t me coming after the new Master because he’s a man of color. Representation is very important to me in everything that I watch as a Latinx woman. Seeing a man of color play a character who has been historically played by white men and women, well, it’s fantastic and game changing. And hell, if it gets racists all twisted up in knots, I’m there for it too.

I’m disappointed by the new Master because I was looking forward to Michelle Gomez’s version of the Master interacting with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. And by interacting I mean flirting and getting into all sorts of trouble that they can only defeat by working together. Also the Master is a gigantic flirt and seeing the Doctor turn into a woman as well would’ve been absolutely fantastic and TV worthy goodness that we’ve been robbed of.

THIS all feels like a let down because my gay ass was looking forward to two women circling each other, throwing one-liners at each other, and getting to know each other in a way that men and women can’t. That’s why the new guy feels like a cop out by a BBC that wouldn’t ever fathom queer action like this coming from the Doctor even though they’ve been a flirt for ages, across species, and genders & previous queer characters on the show.

So, welcome new Master and goodbye to my dreams of a queer Doctor, because the Doctor is not held back by anything as simple minded as genders because she’s a freaking alien. *walks around the BBC headquarters with a bell while yelling “SHAME!”*

My Baby Yaz

Let’s be honest, Yaz needs the biggest hug ever. What she went through…well, we don’t really know what she went through besides she was taken to a place of loneliness and despair before being delivered to the Doctor, has left a mark on her. And I’ve got a feeling that whatever comes next, that place of loneliness will plague her waking and sleeping moments.

On a side note, kudos on Doctor Who not forgetting that Yaz has a career out there that she needs to get back to. This isn’t the first companion to have a job outside of jumping around the universe with the Doctor. But I feel like this is the first companion where she explicitly talks about her career, makes the excuses needed, and uses her actual skills while traveling time and space.

Having Yaz on the show continues to matter, especially because she’s a woman and one of color. She’s proof that women like her can be anything they choose to be. They aren’t just strong. They are more: fierce, fragile, dynamic, and the kind of woman you don’t come across as much as we need in the media we consume.

Doctor Who‘s next episode is set for next Sunday on BBCAmerica.

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