Joey & Pacey Were Meant To Be

Pacey Witter and Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek has been one of my OTPs for a long while. In fact, this year marks the twentieth anniversary of when they actually first got together! There was no denying the chemistry between Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes by that point and the writers did such a good job organically putting them together. Here are ten times when we shipped Pacey & Joey the most:

The Banter

Their banter gives me life! I never tire of the witty retorts and bickering between Pacey & Joey. They were like an old, married couple even before they started to become romantic.

“Permission to come aboard?” “Permission granted.”

The fact that Pacey got a boat, named it “True Love”, and then had Joey help him make it seaworthy while the two of them fell in love is such a masterful stroke by the writers of this show.

When They Took Dance Lessons

Joey’s trying to get a scholarship by learning ballroom dancing and gets Pacey to do it with her! Okay, so he agreed in order to get extra help in math, but still! He did not have to go the extra mile with her. And the ballroom dancing teacher knew they were both struggling because of their blossoming feelings.

When Pacey Watched Joey Sleep

Giving a little credit to Grams who stated “You know you love someone when you can spend the entire night just sitting by the fire watching him sleep.” This whole episode, Pacey felt like he screwed everything up for Joey and her sister, while trying his hardest to fix it. It’s the final moment of the episode where it’s official: he loves her.

He Bought Her A Wall!

Pacey never stopped believing in Joey and her dreams. He always wanted to push her to be the best she could be, holding her back was never in the cards.

Their First Kiss

Pacey can’t hold it in anymore. After Joey calls him in the middle of the night to pick her up, he snaps and has to kiss her. Moment of passion on the side of the road leaves me swooning every time.

“It made me feel alive.”

“Stolen Kisses” might be my favorite episode of season 3. It’s Spring Break and the gang visits Dawson’s aunt. But Pacey and Joey are stuck in the same bed and Joey is determined to forget all about the kisses. Which might have worked had Pacey not brushed his arm against her, leaving her confused again about her feelings.

“I remember everything.”

“The Anti-Prom” was after their first break-up but this scene! They get to share a dance and Pacey shows just how much he loves her by recalling something that another man probably would have ignored. The way he almost whispers it, guh.

When Joey Finally Said “I Love You”

I can honestly remember watching this when it aired and silently screaming because I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Her whole speech about why she loves him and that it’s because he pushes her. She’s ready to fully give herself to him, no more running away scared. It’s such a vulnerable moment, but also true to her character.

When They Got Stuck in Wal-Mart Together

This episode aired late in the series, but it contains the two of them being adorable while alone in a Wal-Mart overnight. When Joey shaves Pacey’s beard, it’s one of the hottest things they ever did together.

Any moments I missed? Do you also love Pacey & Joey?

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