Mac is Back: Catherine Bell to Reprise Role on NCISLA

Last time we saw Mac (seems like a long time ago, but it was THIS season premiere on NCISLA) we didn’t exactly get all the answers we wanted. Or like, much answers in general. Which, of course, left us thinking that she’d be back at some point.

And we were right, because Mac is coming back!

TVLine is reporting that Catherine Bell is set to reprise her fan-favorite role as Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie on NCIS:LA‘s April 19th episode, when she asks Hetty’s team for help with a case. She previously appeared in last season’s finale, as well at this season’s premiere, alongside JAG co-star David James Elliot.

Yeah, that one didn’t end like we wanted it to. We’re still mad. Unless it didn’t end like we wanted to and they just didn’t show it to us, in which case we’re still mad.

The actress posted the news to Instagram as well:

Now the question is …might this become a more or less regular thing? Maybe not series regular, but NCIS:LA does have a pretty deep bench of guest stars, and we wouldn’t mind seeing Mac (and Harm) back for some closure, or hey, at least a few more guest spots.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Mac back on your screen? Will you be watching NCIS:LA for this episode?

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