‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14×18 Review: “Sensu Lato”

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  1. Right after reading the press release for this dumb episode, I knew it was going to be an eyeroller. Sam and Callen aren’t the types that would ever last long behind a desk full time (which yeah, is what Hetty’s job is), and plus, they’re both still working together in the 1st part of the finale (per the only photo released right now by CBS), so I knew inside of me of how that offer was really going to go. (and seriously, can’t the Admiral just full blown admit that he doesn’t think Hetty will ever come home? He was dumb enough to do this with Nell at the end of Season 12, did he really think it’d be different this time around?!)

    Honestly, This show is just so bad at hyping up someone’s possible retirement in press releases! Yeah, there was ‘talk’ of possible future scenarios, but that’s all it was, Talk! It didn’t end with anyone ultimately deciding to leave, and given that there’s still a few episodes left, it’s gonna stay that way. (I also don’t think anyone will actually really leave, yeah, they’ll more then likely get fun things to do outside of work, but that’ll be it.)

    Hearing of how old school Densi acted in this episode, that was the couple I loved before their personal woes took over the whole show! But sadly with me, 1 last episode of them being romantic is just not enough with me. Especially since they act so ridiculous as parents!

    At least that was the final filler episode. The next 1 looks to be the 1 that’ll bring everything fill circle with Callen, and hopefully will lead to Hetty being able to come home! (and it’d be even better if a brand new photo of her was released in these next 2 weeks!

  2. Bliss says:

    There won’t be a wrap-up to the Hetty storyline & she won’t be at the wedding of Callen & Anna according to Gemmill. Densi fans have gotten almost everything they’ve wished for since Gemmill became showrunner & for them to worry that the other storylines haven’t gotten enough attention now seems almost funny. I don’t dislike Densi, but I think the show hasn’t been nearly as good since so much time has been spent telling their story & so little on the stories of the other characters. There’s only so much time in a season. As a Callen fan, I’ve been disappointed in the show for awhile.

  3. 1 other thing: I sure hope Hetty gets to have a long, stern talk with the Admiral. She’s really the only person who can take care of this team in a kind, non snarly way.

  4. Bev says:

    The Densi scenes were good, but the writers have always done good by Densi. Densi got three proposals, an entire episode for their wedding, lots of scenes about trying to start a family, a teenager to foster so they can be parents. No other characters have been given even half the time Densi’s been given. Katherine, Sam’s love interest disappeared without a word. We haven’t seen Raymond since early in the season. Callen and Anna haven’t had a serious conversation about their wedding or their future yet without other people involved (like the silly wedding planner). NCISLA used to be a true ensemble show. It hasn’t been that for a few seasons.

  5. The Ultimate Fangirl says:

    I’m really confident Hetty will return in time, but in the scenario that RSG was actually lying to us the whole time again, I’ll also be mad along with you.

  6. For those still cynically convinced that Hetty won’t show up:

    Gemmil never actually said that she wouldn’t come back. He said that ‘there will be a wrap up to the Syria mission in ways the fans can be excited over.’. Do I really know what that means? Still no. Do I hate having to trust that he may mean bringing her home even though he’s lied a lot in the past? Absolutely! But I don’t really have a choice in that now. But he never actually said that she wouldn’t come home. That’s a real fact!

    A few weeks ago, that charity Every Day Action had an auction for props of the show. 1 of the things being given away were autographed scripts signed by the cast. I heard from someone who is close to the charity say that Linda only signed the scripts to episodes that she was in. And, her name was on the scripts for BOTH parts of the series finale!

    I say that’s a pretty big sign that she’ll indeed show up. SoIi’d advise not being so cynical about Hetty not coming home in time. Because I think the producers could see the huge amount of outrage they’d get if they didn’t get her home in time for the wedding.

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