‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14×17 Review: “Maybe Today”

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  1. This, is so on point in so many ways!! I knew that this wasn’t going to be the last Season when the casting announcement for Alex and his mother came. Those kind of moves are the kind of moves 1 makes when there’s plans for another Season! CBS made the decision to axe this show, not the showrunner, and this whole Season up to now is proof of that. (Chris Gorham himself said on Twitter last night that he would’ve been in Season 15, so that confirms that).

    Everything said in the 2nd paragraph can clearly be pinned on RSG’s bad choices as the showrunner. Shane Brennan would never have let this wonderful show go so downhill like this.

    When Hetty started being absent with no explanations given, the whole show collapsed with her. Everyone clearly works and acts differently when she’s not around (there’s a LOT of things they’ve done in the last few Seasons that she would never have approved of!!). And with that, my expectations of the whole team diminished.

    With me now, in terms of a satisfactory like ending, it would be Hetty being back at home, in charge, with everyone being alive. I hope we’ll actually get 3 episodes with Hetty in them to even try and wrap up this whole Syria mess and get her and Callen back on good terms, course. This depends on if Episode 19 will also involve her being in the episode.

    I personally believe nobody will end up retiring in the end (other then maybe Kilbride). This show is connected to the franchise again, and I’m sure everyone will want there to be real chances of cameo appearances in the other shows, and that can’t happen if anyone leaves the team. So, I believe everyone will get to do things outside of NCIS that they want while actually not leaving altogether. Kind of how NCIS New Orleans ended up in the end.

    I wish things were much different now with the show, but unfortunately, a really bad showrunner had to ruin it all. And now we’re stuck hoping for cheap sounding resolutions for everyone in hopes of having an happy ending.

  2. Bliss says:

    Thanks for this review. I agree with it. I’m glad viewers finally see that many of the problems with the show–like unfinished storylines and focus on characters who aren’t really important–can be traced back to A LOT of bad decisions by the showrunner., but he’s been making them for years and it’s way too late to complain about them now. Lots of viewers, especially super Densi fans, liked having the focus on their couple because they were the “perfect couple,” but when Brennan was showrunner, the show was a true ensemble show. It lost that under Gemmill and the show was the worse for it. Pretty sure the ending is going to be a total mess.

  3. Exactly! In fact, back in this show’s glory years of Seasons 3-8, this show was actually more popular then OG NCIS in quality and promotion! The cast and crew members loved promoting this show, and fans loved all the cute photos and videos they posted from set. The love was amazing.

    Now, flash forward all these years later, no one wants to promote it anymore! The show’s own social media accounts don’t even bother to promote it much of anymore. It’s like everyone just wanted to finish filming and just fade away. (in fact, even they could probably see that most of this Season wasn’t really worth promoting, because really, what ‘excitement’ even goes on anymore?).

    Oh, I’m sure everyone will all still be alive in the end, and that they’ll get some fun things to do outside of work to make their lives appear to be all happy go lucky, which sounds nice and all, but seriously. We all deserved better then having to hope for cheap sounding happy endings for the team members that we love. (especially since there’s going to be a lot of loose ends left unresolved for many things)

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