Our fangirl hearts are happy. One Tree Hill will always be one of the first fandoms that taught us about fandom. We’ve gone through the years following the cast and everything that they do. And one of them has a new gig. Sophia Bush signed on for the title roleRead More →


In the last hour of season 1, entitled “Book 27”, we see our Ben, Kristin and David work on a… maybe demonic baby? As well as really figure out what the plan of the 60 might be- and just how they’re doing it. Read More →

If there’s one show that just leaves me completely baffled after every episode, it’s CBS’s Evil, and “Justice x 2” was no exception to the rule. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it a great thing; I’m so confused usually that I have no time to embedRead More →

The Winter premiere of Evil, entitled “Room 320” picks up just a little bit after the winter finale. David is out of surgery, and in a hospital, after he was attacked and stabbed by a random stranger. The episode was definitely a bit of a mind trip, and while IRead More →

Well that was doozy, wasn’t it? On this week’s episode of Evil, entitled “7 Swans A Singin”, we see our trio deal with a social influencer who is leaving “suicidal encouragements” under the music of their video – at a pitch, only kids under 16 can hear. Yeah, doozy, remember!Read More →

Well! That was probably my favorite Evil episode to date! This week’s episode of Evil, entitled “2 Fathers” is mostly centered around why David’s father has been using a demonic symbol an in his paintings. But in that context, it delivered probably the best scenes of the eight episodes soRead More →

Well, an exorcism couldn’t get Kristen to believe that some kind of higher power existed… so perhaps, a prophet will? In this week’s episode of Evil, entitled “Let x=9”, we see the church send David, Kristen, and Ben to a daycare, where a lady by the name of Grace saysRead More →

Well. Okay. Evil. So… that happened. Last week’s review of Evil was a bit passive because honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with the show. But sweet Jesus, after this week’s episode entitled “Rose390,” I may be having second thoughts. The show starts off withRead More →

Remember how last week I said Evil was starting to get good? We just took two steps back this week. Episode 3 of Evil, entitled “3 Stars” was lackluster at best, and I’m starting to feel like this show is headed for a season one cancellation. “3 Stars” starts offRead More →

Season 2 of FBI is coming! Season 1 started off with a bang, literally, and if this season is anything like the last then we are in for a ride. There are specifically three things I am excited for: more cases, Maggie and O.A., and our new bullpen team.   ReadRead More →

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary. Ready? The opening sequence for this week’s episode,  ‘Command: Delete’ is a recap of what happened last episode. Odin Reichenbach sent them on a wild goose chase last week, and Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson are pretty miffed aboutRead More →

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary. Ready? ‘Into the Woods’ opening sequence is filled with clips of Patrick Mears. This is pretty exciting if this is the mid season shocker. Episode 5 begins with Joan watching a man talking to a room ofRead More →

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary.  Ready? We begin this episode with Sherlock in an interrogation room. He requested Assistant Director, Head of the New York field office, Egan, to make a statement. Sherlock blackmailed the AD for something that Egan did a longRead More →

Well folks, another week another mystery to solve in this episode of Elementary. When we left off last episode, Detective Bell dropped the bomb that Captain Gregson was shot. There wasn’t much detail of what happened, and this just moments after Sherlock decided to reach out and make amends. NowRead More →

Hide the bodies, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson have returned with their seventh and final season of Elementary. The end of season six didn’t bode well for the classic duo, as they had to escape to London to get away from Captain Gregson and the 11th precinct in the wakeRead More →

Jake McDorman’s Avery Brown is quickly becoming my favorite part of the Murphy Brown revival. His episode-closing scene with Candice Bergen’s Murphy made up for some early flat notes. It’s not that they didn’t try. But many of the lines felt like Miles’ attempted joke about breaking in to hisRead More →

We were already eagerly anticipating the return of Murphy Brown to our TV sets. Now CBS is exciting us even more with the news that next week’s premiere will get an extra five minutes! That’s five more minutes to get re-acquainted with the team. It’s five more minutes to meetRead More →