‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×06 Review: “So Help Me Pod”

So Help Me Todd 1×06 “So Help Me Pod” is probably its most relatable episode to date, in a weird way. It also tonally verges on being slightly jarring, though it pulls through with another moment of real heart and…

‘Fire Country’ 1×04 Review: “Work, Don’t Worry”

Bode’s feelings about his Dad called his bluff in this weeks #FireCountry and it was really emotional to watch. Read the review!

‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×05 Review: “Let The Wright One In”

Television comedies can really be a little hit-or-miss. Too often, characterization is stymied (if not entirely stalled) out of a fear that actual character growth will kill the humor. So Help Me Todd 1×05 “Let the Wright One In” gives…

‘Fire Country’ 1×04 Preview Guide: ‘Work, Don’t Worry’

Get ready for tonights #FireCountry. See the photos and get yourself ready for what looks like it’s going to be just as amazing as the first 3 episodes.

9 Shows Starring Filipinos to Watch This Filipino American History Month (and Beyond)

Filipino American History Month or not, it’s always a great time to watch Filipinos do what they love on the TV shows they’re starring in.

‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×04 Review: “Corduroy Briefs”

Although the heart of the series remains the dynamic between Todd (Skylar Astin) and Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden), So Help Me Todd 1×04 “Corduroy Briefs” finally starts to find its footing with its supporting characters. They haven’t quite come into…

‘Fire Country’ 1×03 Review: “Where There’s Smoke…” 

Once again, Bode proves that he’s doing everything that he can to be a better man. Once again, Jake proves that he’s an a$$hole.

‘Ghosts’ 2×04 Review: “The Tree”

Ghosts 2×04 delivers the laughs and the love in equal measure, and we wouldn’t expect anything less.

‘Fire Country’ Preview 1×03: “Where There’s Smoke…” 

#FireCountry returns tonight and we can’t wait! See the pics for tonights episode and get yourself ready!

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ 2×05 Review: “Sudden Death”

NCIS: Hawai’i 2×05 is about family, community and how to move forward — a message that’s particularly important for Kai and Lucy.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14×02 Review: “Of Value”

NCIS: Los Angeles 14×02 “Of Value” proves this show understands the beats of a long-running procedural better than most.

‘Ghosts’ 2×03 Review: “Jay’s Friends”

If you thought Ghosts couldn’t get any better, you’d be wrong. “Jay’s Friends” 2×03 is a picture-perfect episode. Read on for our review!

‘Fire Country’ 1×02 Review: “The Fresh Prince Of Edgewater”

We’re just going to say it – #FireCountry is making us hate characters when most would try to make us love characters But hey…

‘Fire Country’ 1×02 Preview: “The Fresh Prince of Edgewater” 

We fell in love with Fire Country after the first episode and have no regrets about it. What were are excited for it to see how the series unfolds, because there are a lot of twists and turns that seem…

NCIS: Hawai’i 2×04 Review: “Primal Fear”

NCIS: Hawai’i 2×04 “Primal Fear” is a filler episode, but it’s the kind of filler that brings comfort, and that’s a good thing.

‘Fire Country’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

You don’t choose the TV show, the TV show chooses you and Fire Country has definitely chosen us. Yes, yes… this is another procedural to love

‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×02 Review: “Co-Pilot”

So Help Me Todd’s second episode attemps to make us care about the rest of the cast, with questionable results. But it’s early yet.

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ 2×03 Review: ” Stolen Valor”

NCIS: Hawai’i 2×03 “Stolen Valor” is an exploration of Kate Whistler’s character, and the ways she fits into this team, outside of her relationship with Lucy. Till now, the show has mostly focused on Kacy, and how the relationship has…

INTERVIEW: Caitlin Bassett Discusses The Mysteries And Romance Of ‘Quantum Leap’

We’re big fans of Quantum Leap already, so we were thrilled to have the chance to sit down (virtually) with Caitlin Bassett (Addison) to discuss the series. She gave eager fans a few hints about what’s in store for the…

‘Ghosts’ 2×01 Review: “Spies”

Ghosts Season 2 Episode 1, “Spies,” kicks off a spooky good time with the Woodstone Manor family.

‘So Help Me Todd’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

We at Fangirlish were big fans of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (and are still sad it was prematurely cancelled). So when we heard Skylar Astin was going to appear in a new series, So Help Me Todd, it was pretty much…